Ghost Hunting Marcus Hunting Courtney Part 3

Tuesday, November 8th


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Did you change education and this morning. The 8401. We got a call from mark is a lot and this team goes to find a woman even out weigh five times per game is important. We've coughed. He's at that she failed time and am speaking as the evening news exactly the about how working out this time yeah bigotry and her sugar I Soledad. And he is. Could take it. Just disappear and weren't his thing the whole thing hang our guests. Hello. And at the genocide. I don't know. Yeah I was in that that would actually that's hilarious if you are sitting on the bench in the locker room waiting deal. Now our that's later today about you know I mean and I guess I got to apologize banned because you know. One including the elderly and those you know how to lifestyles and in all along how life. That means something is is I guess so negative and and people are so who knows I guess I guess I get up Aldrich. You know it is running and I am talented but it may be may beat back a little bit. You know because as well you know I mean continue to vote is a little condescending at times. Well I mean am I beat but I you know and opinions is that you know you can help all week. In school board told of flight. Well wolf when I was in all that the parent and then you know exercise and there were PE classes and things like that now is an odd. Around people's lives and we're not educated and don't understand like the importance. You know not not religious moderation but just like understanding like. You don't have really have to order. You know that the most. Bullish thing on the menu or what you think might be delicious thing on the menu because you don't know when he got you're gonna order a molten take. You know I mean which is ridiculous you know. I all right well now things one more and Kate is never ridiculous. At last by every ticket this evening glorious. That's number one and. Well look Daniel when you're eating at every day I mean that that's all I eat order or in this like all everytime they go out. You know but I think oh my god I think the ridiculous work. A bit and I think what Courtney is saying is it's not your job to tell those people. Why today he should and should not now. That makes sense well. I he would also our job as human beings do to help other people loot at how. And to like understand like hey look at what you're putting in your body is legitimate wouldn't go that. Which you walk up to a group of people all having a smoke break. Out you know behind. A business or something. And start lecturing them on the hazards of what they're doing. If I had to walk through it. Then I would politely ask them to put it out and say hey look guys you know you're you're you know you're not even hurting yourself you're hurting other people to break right now. But that's. It is if you guys shared outbreaks space and they were smoking and it. You'd be entitled I don't know what's appropriate to you right because the smoke is affecting you. But I but it there outside. You know off to the side now and I had to walk. But you're allowed its air and like I want. We are missing the point that smoke affects you I'm just talk about a group of people over their mind and their own business. Smoking which everybody knows it's harmful. And you don't have to walk would you walk up to them and lecture them and the fact they're smoking. I mean it depends on you know the situation at hand on. I'm you know where they are located and and things like I mean I have it I'm. Going to be walking past them more or through them in some capacity even gaps slim. Because it affects your. Well because it affects everybody involved not just millions the presumptive. Right. The power but I hope your lifestyle out eleven. And now and I mean bad at it that it that's offensive to people then you know maybe that's that's a problem but we have a routine in our. It may be and eared dating world and you've got to find somebody that is very like minded as you. Who led to be as interested as you are. And why does that was Courtney I mean she's done we want to five dates. No I mean that's why dates and then you shouldn't agency scum are not an integrated. Into. But I think at her side she probably is telling her friends I tolerated that four or five deeds and it never land out. Well I mean. Until I didn't our marine you don't stop living like. You have that he and after. You know. I don't understand what you eat you don't stop bullying you know at that the next day doesn't mean that you can and let loose and light. Eat doughnuts and carry on like that I mean that's that's ridiculous. Okay well you've now offended molten Kate and Jonas. It's our time to visit is come to an end. And thank you for spending time as Smart as crazy on it right let's ago before you season commandments and and then we're all better and take care. And leave Domino's and Papa John's a lot of food and by Americans. Are better. That guy sounds fine. That may. I just went on order anything off the menu I'd be so nervous. Guy who yeah. Would you go opposite in just go home legal and be nice. With Mac and cheese smothered and covered I'd like hanging from the ice cream sundae. Can you deep frying that and caught appetizer. That they can have it on either my meal but a little bit different. Kenya is bad. Thanks. I've had Togo stunning works. Each other down in Portland Atlantic dot com slash deafening. Think he's you have an artist today look dogs. And no notice that colonies on your hands and we'll cover youth championship show star and 84 line.