Ghost Hunting Marcus Hunting Courtney Part 2

Tuesday, November 8th


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Tracking down the people who have Goss did you want. Just didn't take her jet engines again this week. Our market protection yesterday and he explained about hanging out with a woman Courtney. They've gone on and about five eighths and he's got everything as great. And headed off met through mutual friends and all of a sudden after day number five. She goes and it won't take back fallen back unfriendly and unfazed by the C ferries that take him. Four and the only thing that we got was really did that last date for sure it's. Flags and no drop no politics. Religion and all of so we're gonna find out from practice today wide Courtney does. I market's view ready for estimate the call. Yeah absolutely I'm we're gonna put you on hold you get to listen and and that welcome back to you after we talked accordion and a very cool I America's whole I'm forests. And. Yeah. Opt. Talk. Yeah. I speak with Courtney. But it Courtney hey Courtney it's Jenn hobby from the Jetsons and Sam how are you doing. Eight. All do this right into acting as it looked at. Not allow. It hurts so bad we do a segment called ghost hunting. Where we track people who have disappeared out people's lives and so today you're against. And now we're tracking you down to talk to you about a guy that you rooting for a little litany markets. I've heard this a little while before. So yeah. Identical mark as yet so mark said he immigrate you like five different aides met through mutual friends that things are really going and guys had a spark and some chemistry and then. He just goes again and renew them on FaceBook and he delegates sudden. But he never got the explanation. One says that's why accounts. Maybe Hawaii there aren't at. Always honest always on us. Okay politely on how that technically the. I doubt in my background in the event. Only Britain and even really been great and everything. Then. The nonaligned. That. Just happily into like the first day all he talked about with him. That was it. Aren't exactly what was the men and nutrition and and wanting to weapons and that you machines properly at. And is diet and show where and how people could do this better and better and you know when he. When he gave that opinion eating habits and do what he's gonna here in the back I should do other people as dale. And and he was more than of fashion. And anything else and I guess let eye and say I go to the gym. They would hunt in its old content just. Annoying if he didn't have anything now I'm just bored. And just I don't know. So did you just million. I've got a long way. Did you just that you just walked away beat is. The explanation of ill at all. That's tough and so you said that was like halfway through the first date where all the other dates about working out too. My that of it that's how we get birthday. The other toward aids words were ten times and did you eat people at a restaurant and I don't know how he did it we provided better. Our house he's led suggesting to port on my public you. Don't you you don't need to give anyone any advice and why are we talking about. Whiskey in great shape himself. And he gets eighteen means you probably worked a little higher and be like yeah people box if you wanna Cuba like he wasn't out of. Her best I've fine but where somebody sneaking out of it we on the people likeness. Mean you because it just feels like they're. All the time. I feel and it just feels cranky me. I feel like they are talking down to everybody who doesn't do you date. Night. Condescending. Yes but I gay like I appreciate the hard work that your putting in you know. And ignored and it's not interesting to me I Atlantic can't go to that you and I didn't have a discussion about that yet occasionally sir I know our. There are how to eat better or whatever like I can't I can't be the only thing you talked about ever. And don't you fill self conscious around those evil because like if you ordered dessert let's say. You'd be. Yeah how Cold War is about playing. We believe it or anything other than Linda salad order a grilled chicken then anywhere is a whole really you're gonna get back. Net. Night yeah. Okay all right well thank you for for coming ominous chord. I'm sorry you can't break anything from the play but yet he needs it to you need to get the other and error and then maybe eat and hasn't that happened in England. Hi we'll let you go and and that's the best of luck in your game. He used to line and it and it didn't think court and we will come right back three minutes from now and will pick up markets. And I mean he's not at the yen compared not a implosion will pick up markets and you'll find out when he thought of that feedback. Next on the objectives and start any fun. Star in 941.