Ghost Hunting Marcus Hunting Courtney Part 1

Tuesday, November 8th


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Tracking down people who have goes debut on. It's slowly don't tell. And goes running the Japanese yen shelves. It works like this you've got somebody in your life. They disappear. They don't know how to find them for where they went through losing you call us we tracked him down in and use it eavesdrop. Our conversation with them about where they. Today's subject again is the market welcome to jail Marcus. And hello to you. Things are mess this goes in in your life. OK well her name's Courtney singing hand. He's been on by dates. And Dakar bike you know we're going somewhere what this. Is actually going out really well you know. We get to know each other pretty well. Player so I'm not like sidelines so. But anyways. After that fit date by which is kind of saw the planet by a more return Kohl's. Is she under Brendan Leon based on randomly like. Isolate out OK sure no problem. You know and act as I don't know what happens quite honestly like. Get a seat on name that comes an idea. By the commode one hand bitchy and improve our rich and he's gonna pick everywhere so our content can be. Arms. Now and and no and that's. Yeah I mean that's that's aren't. I would just you know hey if you got a real release you can't somebody else you know and I mean hey that's fine I mean just let me know you know. Page I just it's also plan only those who know how weird. So no text messages back and forth or anything. Know quite a touch there I'll lay over and locate. And zero like not even might. Yup or are like an emotion you're not a hockey can just salt of planet kind of thing now like. Isn't this strange like. Maybe yes maybe there's somebody else like how I can she do now moving on or something and let you know just let me know. How guys originally meets. On how well. My good friends or out and we have like a common friend in between the two groups. Com we'll kind of like class together and it was fine on and then I ended up talking to Courtney. And we had it all played almost immediately we were like hey looks you know all I want I want content that would go out you know and then go to dinner. An and I kind of sparked a mayor like us at five days later. And she's kind of disappears so well last action. Ali went to dinner like always and just kind of talk and then we. Kind of and that's Mary Lou as it was kind of a short date to be honest. Com so I don't I don't know maybe that was the issue like we didn't do anything special you know or whatever but. He uses dinner as an engineer our ownership work the next day or whatever. So. And I and that is by Patton. Did you talk did you discuss any thing contentious in that last date that. Might not have even set up a flag and I and thank you and your radar or are or appear on your radar like politics. Religion inner. Something had to know why I steer clear of all that so I know light. Now. We did I mean in this thing it is like we talked about week which. Actually ironically enough we kind of reached that subject I do eat celery eat. And just kind of glanced and kind of moved on and but that would be three we have two other dates with this last one. Not gotten really. I mean I'm out of the ordinary as Craig and I are you today and I cannot thank you. I know okay Colin that was about it like a lot of small talk and so you know in the last days. But I. I've been greatly. If I was a cast the votes she got back together with an ex boyfriend or was in our relationship when she started with the new fans. Maybe you're like option B and that you well an option or maybe you're even option day. But I've should be stepped up his game and a big way or something and in tune about. Isn't it yeah I mean not counting on to at this point of the might yield just cow like on current somebody out they look like. It was like the next day I got on premise and I'll like. OK. You know let durables like Camille like OK maybe she's married you know honey nice I don't know they are. I'm I didn't like breakers on the light that. Probably. Well we didn't have to find out. Yeah what would be is tomorrow at this time we will call Courtney. While you listen into the conversation you get to eavesdrop on our whole talk with her. And we'll just ask her point blank what's up with the market. We'll find out why she bounced in and after we have a conversation with her welcome back to you and your feedback and can wrap it all up and and faithful pack it just like yes that give us today centered around kind. Okay cool I I markets we will talk to you add this time tomorrow morning when we go ghosts running for a Courtney. I'm at the Jetsons and show. He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Strip come and overlook knocks. Justin.