Ghost Hunting Lindsey and Kelly Part 1

Tuesday, October 18th


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Arizona where NATO and you can. Now back to. Once stunning formalized ghost hunting is our weekly segment where we tracked down somebody who has vanished out of your life. Doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic relationship could be an old coworker could be an old neighbor. But we have done our share of romantic relationships yet. That this is really went something like just disappears with no explanation and you can't figure out why what happened where do you go out. This is kind of a unique twist on the coast tanning because it involves a romantic relationship. But the person that we're ghost hunting for. Was not the one in that relationship a pay Lindsay welcome to the show. Hey. Weird rates and we're happy to help you goes times uses. Is James hidden talent are superpower. Yeah. So it's not it's not my past relationship. And China and someone at my brother. He dated a girl a couple of years ago now. And they didn't even realize it was maybe just like six months by. Calms you a meeting and it in the court that and they were together she and I ended up getting really close but frankly I kinda think it. Probably she and I a little bit and they did. I. And my brother pretty private that we and it ended he'd eat aside you know don't ask any questions as. What's really depressed that I thought she was that I was trying to be. Really respectful of that bite it and you know a year and my Brothers moved on and I. I keep thinking about her. So it's not. Really don't talk they have all of her information. But I feel really weird about reaching out to her. But I met Eric and I just the kind of like to reconnect. With. We just give information on whether or not she's open to that urge you weird about bias. Yeah idea Alec. Is that weirdness that you are feeling is that come from a you'll are. Brotherly do you think your brother would be weird that you reaching out to her or do you think she might be weird in response. I think maybe hurt because I mean I've been. Really kind of keeps it currency kept I don't know what happens. But I have not even a new relationship they've been together for a while now he's really happy I don't I don't think there's any residual feelings anything I'm wondering if that I think it. It's it's a strange situation I do have a good friend who is really still. Great friends with her brother's ex wife but the brother doesn't know about it so. I have realism experience you have really good friend of mine. Two stays in touch with the woman but her brother doesn't know so does that mean like she Campos data and social media fanning out really yeah. It's pretty top secret that their friendship has survived there's divorce fascinating yeah because he's family write it like she's got to respect that but they we came really close friends that they stay friends he just doesn't know how to. That's usually so much work eight negative manner yep Twitter silence and only the Gramm. This is exactly you know they post that Lindsay are you prepared for those tapes of shenanigans. About daddy again and I'll current what is the girl's name who will be doing that goes I think we're gonna trying to. OK Kelly okay. So we will call her and this time tomorrow and you get to listen in and shall. Tell us if she's open to it or not this feels like it's gonna go very quickly and they are you know perfect thank you for the get them as we appreciate it. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.