Ghost Hunting: Kimberly Doesn't Want to Talk to Shannon

Wednesday, June 8th


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Thanks for being a part of it. So people all. Yesterday at this time we talked to Shanahan who was a bit of a bully. In middle school to a girl named Kimberly. And she wants us to track down Kimberly so she can apologize to that took ghost hunting is that we find people who have disappeared from your life. I'm nervous to call Kimberly lock her cry I just think they're getting bullied in middle school can't have a lasting impact on him life. So I'm not sure how she's gonna receive this by Woolsey if we can now broken the apology. I I Shannon you get to listen and you don't get the same thing and then after we talked to Kimberly welcome back to you and your reaction and or will you welcome. Call Kimberly. I particularly. Hate Kimberly this is Jen from Najaf and tension thanks for coming on with us today we are on behalf of someone from your past who would like to apologize CEO. This segment when you called ghost timing and you in this person disconnected many years ago and she once there she wants you back in our life for at least an apology. So we're talking about a middle school. Purse someone you knew in mills licensing middle school friend but I don't think that you would characterize her as of France but do you remember Shannon. All about it. Gaffe machine and also human being. Well Shannon has. And thinking about EO she has a daughter of her own now who's dealing with some middle school bullying issues and it's. Made her reflect on her own life and she feels really badly for the way that she treated you. I don't the ignition that it horrible early I'm external and in my life from the Asian. From the title. Until I got out of there was awful. Any the issue on the call right now because I don't I don't want to even doctor. Note this is she's just listening. She's not we're not gonna make you talked her. Now. It mean it is it is it is it. We brought you in entering there even without that piece of Arnold and I don't. Want me involved. OK okay. Is there anything you wanna say to her knowing that she's listening to this or do you just wanna hang up. I mean Donald coming up right now I don't occupy. The creation Oakland. They didn't get a few people in the world but he from a very open person that she didn't want them and I. Has no interest in number speaking there. Okay and get that are right well thanks for talking with us thank you for taking the colleagues. And. Who. Again I totally get she's come from. Girls have it way worse Bennett guys too damn thing. You think well if somebody middle and all it's the capacity be death mean T yeah say mean things do mean things torture you getting your head. Make you doubt yourself in your own self confidence it's really hard to forgive someone who has that means streak right. I'd welcome back in just a minute it was at those the quickest ones that I know and we'll talk to Shannon who just heard all of that they just. Shall. One.