Ghost Hunting: Kelly Looks for Brandon

Monday, July 25th


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This leeches on installing. It. They named this segment is column that goes tanning and it where we tracked down. People who have disappeared from your life for any one of a number. Reasons and lots of requests to go go to tanning. This week we're gonna fail alleys. Hello how are yeah. I'm fine Harry today. Weird yeah they were excited to get a ghost hunting again this week that you have time. Yeah exactly yeah. Tell us about the person you want to detract. Okay. Basically flat. It does tie over last. That this party at my boyfriend my then boyfriend to meet Q. And I didn't really know anyone there I spent the entire night hockey it is amazing I mean brand and and I don't know why did it in an effort in because it yet stop thinking about. I mean we get connected instantly and conversation flowed in. We did you now leave me and I do lean and mean. I is at the basically kind of stocking up on social media and find anything about. It now trying to contact him and I. Isn't so I'm waiting. Yeah zoning and all the privacy settings are set he can't get to them simulate how I'm. Graham might want one little hole. And I'd be happy that broke out what my goal is for and it felt like that. One of his friends party and I didn't know anyone there that's why we in part I think other equipment and that they and in the party. Basically had no idea how'd you find. Popular topic like yours is something there and I added. I minded spiral means I would love it if you eat. OK so we know is aim is Dorian and and so what out of him that has you thinking obviously there are some physical attraction. Well yet there is definitely that I don't know we it. Didn't want to like not getting to know you conversations. But to kind of out naturally we talked about. This show on TV shows and movies that we lie in it. Yet now there you know where family product then add a note to like there is it. Comparability with one another you know. It is really hard to find on a first meeting of someone especially when you're kind of bring that at that party don't know. And you don't and that is why he's. Just thinking an errant hockey or it. I'm sure you've already gone down this road bites. Did you make any other frames at that party that you could I'd use to infiltrate maybe his social media world. And. I. I mean and it and there's one girl in I'll contact wind but again she's friends with my. And I ilk kind of geared I get acting too much about it is actually he would be apple is it traveled around. I wanna get back get back my act it yet how. You know what that that break up I don't want to in now how. You make anything more up at this point you know that path and I did one thing and that plane manner. And do you know who he was there at the party with. He lived there with his girlfriend. Oh. I'm thinking maybe there no long gather obviously it was quite. In months ago you teach you would be able would be you know and the entire party talking and me sell my guess is that maybe. Finger on the rock that and that and later on Iraq that are likely and I that I you know. So will we can't track and if we can track him down you wanna know why if he still has conference. And two if he remembers talking to basically write why we want this to an African America. This. Especially if he doesn't grow from its real. Our. I will take the guy next 24 hours we'll do the research will try to track him down. If we find him at this time tomorrow we make the phone call to him is named Brandan Wright. We made the phone call to Brandon while you listening. And will get the answers the questions. Our current I don't thank you Cali Torres in to us and any hope to talk to you again at this time tomorrow morning. What act you and we will logos heading for Branden on the jet engine champs irony for us or make it this way its essence yes. On star not before one.