Ghost Hunting: Karen is Looking for Matthew

Tuesday, August 16th


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Tracking down the people who have Goss did you. We don't tell. The name of this segment is ghost town saying that we track down people who have. Disappeared. Out of your life and caring and would like us to go ghost hunting and Caron who do you want us to look. Why are flying the skies nephew. Which time I like three days such fans. A couple months ago. And the need to disappeared. And it became apparent. Where where they all good day there was one weird something strange happened on the last. No no I mean we we've. We met on bottom all. And they were just how bad back. I thought they went pretty well actually I'm and I usually don't go out with somebody on a second or third day not from having fun. And it's. But then you know like I'd I'd try kids today can't I can't restart and I couldn't get through there and I tried checking in many while responding in. But after about a week of setting him up like I stopped it's I didn't wanna be that we are Karl are just trying to talk and limiting what an interest that was it just kind of like second clock since. I'm usually the person who dealt. He told I'm not usually on the send to ask her opponent and the situation. And I know why do you do it and I didn't think that I made I doubt anything that would you know really that weird or are worthy of just from the theory. Yeah I think those are those equal rights they re exactly like I need to just like a blow to my email I need to track one and. If there is there something that happened in the past month thirteen that has you light. Can he said this happened a few months ago and now it was only three dates. So. Is there something that happened in the past week or two that is causing you. I mean it nothing actually I I just turned thirty cell and the kind of thinking about how local lake. Where my future isn't and then I mean I wasn't seeing anybody in this little black guy that I had you know finally if cell. Decide that I should really start pursuing a little bit more seriously. More aggressively so if if we're able to find this guy. And he news. We will whatever he gives whatever reason for ghosting is a situation where you just want to know. Where's a situation where you maybe want to date him again. You're. I mean like it's I would meet him again and I think if they interrupt its attendant. If he really didn't in Indonesia not penetrate foresight to get back you know my biological clock ticking and I'd like back and. I really had to ensure order Null. Could I did this thing doesn't you know I'm never on the side of the situation I'd I'd I wanna know what I did wrong but I did something wrong. So you really don't have a hunch if you check at a ticket guess what it is which have any idea. I obviously Aaron to challenge. I thought I thought we had fun and lit on the end of the third data I would you know again are cool you mean we can't start dating pretty worked furiously and and now and I just couldn't get in contact with him anymore religions are the blow. He obviously has commitment issues. To Africa after. The good odds are that I'm trying to be your girlfriend branch right now OK obviously that's all. OK or we can get guys on the most of your. Yeah. Can aggregates hunting for Matthew and Steve weekend by an NC will find. Our own. Either way it works as we will spend 24 hours during the research and then at this time tomorrow we make the call to him. You get to listen and you don't get the same thing we'll see what he had to say that we can back to you get your feedback send them. So sound great. It's still aren't ready for a one.