Ghost Hunting: Karen is Disgusted

Wednesday, August 17th


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And gen John we just. If you are not listening Hume is Matthew. Describing this elaborate scheme that he has in place to. Two tricks women into paying for his strengths and his meals is Cooper arrives. Under the guise of declined credit cards are lost wallets are dating or whatever he says he's got a tons of times all over several years. And caring. Who call the septic goes hand him might be one of his. And she was listening the whole time I have a feeling it's gonna be like that movie the sixth sense where it all starts making sense now. Karen did you hear all of that from Matthew. I I am actually eat it can't see my face that I got dropped. That everything that he described it word for word it exactly what happened. And now I'm sitting here feeling pretty shocking it. I I feel different because you can have so much of anything going wrong for him but it would break. Who do you think. That I that I art and I trust you're like I probably think in the end only want you. I thank you card and ivory gifted and I didn't quite know that you didn't have anything comics I might one of my credit and term equal to Mary. I'd give it to him as a wedding gift public a 200 dollar that the main thing. Now let them at. To keep them up a completely blank. Card you had a column not only. Oh my god I need to I need common right now you got a call him well now actually. And this. Instant thing. You can easily and probably of the by the yeah yeah. Do you you know finally could go to impact for men and could you know all the hate that I hate or. Yeah. Perfect word. Like that both both perfect words cavalier and Andy. Heyward should just how I didn't yeah. I wonder if this is illegal. What he's doing to limit on its fraud Padres defrauding people. Are now. I don't know because everything that the women are doing if they're in they're just being polite in their green to. I don't like he's stolen their card and use their card to pay for things. He's just. Checking. Low light and yeah our idea. What if that trickery the leg to intimacy with in the first three dates. Nobody could. Now I've completely changed right soon. Because it when we're talking to him I'm like all right that is guy's fantastic go to great scam. And now the implications of it relates setting and and he is. I heard me tell me hero at a 1000% garment and I just can't believe guys like him just because I think it's in a circle. Doing similar things are competing to see how many of them. Karen you're better off thank god he goes I threw me a couple thank. Like I'm glad I found out about the knocking. Now I can sort of keep the lid back in my mind I mean he'll be a little bit more cynical but I will be taken for a ride. Yeah and you're like I'll be self reflective look I'm thirty maybe hundreds of them on note uniting and. Yeah yeah Leonard at cashing in on a whole Mars. At all. I don't know where you are really excited about it though I why there are not helping out not the end. The drama. I can't thank you for from being a part ago I mean really really I'm sorry that apnea. I think they are probably on that the word. And what I say it like that when we've finished targeting and as I pointed out it's now exposed to hear it and change the game or at least radars are going to be out. I'm still in shock I cannot imagine I can feels right now thank you Karen thank I thank another six well it. I literally instantly have a hard jamboree and still. Fascinating. Really really fascinating. Go signing an adjustment changes to our 941. It John welcome to the show him your first college this. Does not normally and eight issue call that misogynist pig. I can't say actually I think about it dot. Because I can't say how many times I've heard. Women that I know talk about going out to bars would your money in their person. Expecting to content guys into buying drinks. Or do any of them. Are you joking. If you met Kelly yeah. Make it clear I'm not defending what this guy bit. At all I think it's deplorable I'm not I'm not saying that debt we owe him anything. I say Egypt sincere. It's not about and massaging it's not about it it could grow doing the opposite thing. We wouldn't say she hated that we. All gone girl on a bar or no money and arm and her purse isn't like. I'm gonna go and give a gift card and plotted Alex is like law you know I'm gonna go and hopefully somebody buys me a drink it's not come manipulating some line. As you're old. Think they here's. Here's the difference to John is if you are a cute girl in a bar. Right in ego you flirt with a guy and he's annuity drinking he buys you be parlor. And as. You that you get your beer from from that guy. At that point. You know what you're doing is your team. Knows where he's and he knows if if there's a girl being like that in a bar. Everybody knows he's aware of what's happening you know I'm time hanging. What this guy is cheating the system because he's. Making sure they're completely unaware of what's happening and telling lies and stories. They amuse his friends and try to win back. Yeah my girls and I used to joke called Tommy that we're gonna find a sponsor of the Bart and I you know like look for the and a sports jacket he's gonna sponsor your bar tab as a joke went into really truly the happens as a whole thing. No. It well. Sponsors in Everett has gone on your part and NATO Britain 10 minutes and I am while they're nonexistent and no I mean. Rating is under revisit a millionaire. Hey Rachel and that little Vern welcome militia. Well I don't think I every morning aren't. You so much. Yeah he's injured and I think that experience and it just that. Like they know it's like it into a movie or not. Oh my god so what do they do if they're out eighties I arming Afrikaner parents decline Asian oh my god I love it. Mike I'm not I Internet. I think election movie ticket here in the heat played like that dumb blonde. Thanks McConnell no degree in. And Shia still are ready for a one.