Ghost Hunting Jessica and Jason

Tuesday, May 29th

They met on Tinder and had two great dates, and had what she thought was a GREAT kiss.

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Look people who have goes Steve you'll. Jessica how low can see the jet engine showed. We go sensing for today. And we'll just cutting our defense. And he's the guy you bet I bet on senator and we had a couple. If you really great days and after I can see how the Clinton amazingly. Passionate can't. And sparks were flying it would totally in. And still got me and then he'd totally don't get me. And I me literally have no idea why. So that was at one passionate kiss you guys go home for the night and then nothing. Yeah I'm I'm like I told him a good kisser reported but I don't think that they canceled that it could be very candid. I may be he. Did not think it was or maybe he was even. Intimidated by me how good you. Forget that they can they're. I wish and hope that there isn't. Now if you guys and Tinder is it possible he's just been dating a whole bunch of people at the same time and he just got more serious with. Somebody else. I could possible bit like Tellme. Don't play no I mean especially effective and playing that it would are. Out at least I got to let it. I'm a man to tell us about the ghosts and was that a complete vanish or was it that. Slow fade away. No complete and is like next day I expect them not saying I content not thing. Nothing so frustrating morning I know that apparently are. An easier Vietnam like iron that nearly ga oh is LA and then it has like mom mom. How many death. I was very ready to continue what he started. I don't know why he wasn't an act. How many gates and then did the make out happen. That are at at and okay. Well it's a Tinder things I'm just wondering air of he was open for more sooner or when it win the passionate kiss happened and nothing else Lebanese like Matt made a swipe my staff somewhere else go so does that. His tee on two and certainly they think that after. Two swipes are gonna. It's like following problem around the bases I mean I hate to admit in the dating game for a man but I'm pretty sure they'd. Tinder is that Golden Corral of the dating world thank you just going yell sample this Jack and Ted that you walked nine feet or some completely different. To live this child should only go. And also who are now oh my god going corral is that that's they've got a mountain of chocolate Kelly. And then there's the title and who I. Oh my god opens up and you hear that hollow lose your music it's the greatest place in the right well. I make jam I'm making that pays this. It's what I call a sticky place yeah everything's sticking them and you execute tables sticky they'd like extra handles on the mayor sticky Jan it's like Willie want gays Millie and sticky is like Willie want as chocolate factory except for there's wings and pizza. It's not fair that I say that I pollen has been on since I was like eight years old that. It was like my grandma on Sunday. After chargers on the may be that they've got a shot probably ill had eaten they've got a chocolate fountain of. Ask them like I was up. Take care for a year. I'm sorry. So here's visiting works three arrogant and come back here in just a couple of minutes. And let you know why he goes sit because jets actually already talked to them. So okay. Here is good news bad news the bad news is in is something that campaigns. During that Candace. I'll Powell OK so. It's something that occurred during the Cannes that's the big bad news did you notice any thing any be anything that happens. While he was kissing you any thing. No not seeing guys hold it right and they didn't. Would you say Jan. You're number one. So of aids in nabbing have a during a kiss from where use sick he noticed something during the case that heated up late at all. I will say that's the bad news the good news is. I actually think you might have dodged a bullet because I think he's dumb. Well. Well she's just sunny cold hot hot down is behind. And you and I did. I wanna I don't think you eat into those. Right well I just say here's the idea go Hugh my conversation with Jason ray to the point where he explains what happened during the Cannes. And play a flurry and you'll hear it from his mouth. Why he disappeared and then you can decide what you wanna do from the. And really doing it it. As I just explained Jessica Jason has a very specific reason for those things that bad news is. In some saying that occurred during the passionate kiss that good news is. I think you may have dodged the ball with. Well I sent out are you ready to hear. I am very editing here and it. Good kisser and I'll put my hand like in her hair. So I grew up load in there and it is just religious groups yeah I had no idea little other little loose which numbered air and it's creek yeah true there red light. So ever put led Arab bugs in LA bugs or bug bites or are. Not so like insects like real poker player we. Aim is it possible that she had extensions. You know. I sort of you have to sometimes they would have extensions like I don't know what it's called. But like you can heal those kind of scalp never filed his report at an event that. There are so monarch air addressed there it didn't work I get sacked. That makes a little bit had to actually could have been there. All of my car had to I had hair extensions. I knew then that did that they might look like little but moving around and I doubt what it. You know I know. I've ever done extensions is that what it feels like when I touch. Yeah I'd need any as Clinton and then you put your hand played. Right trajectory your hair you can feel a little bit. Yeah. I don't Kelly Kelly has hair extensions and she. And I don't I felt them I don't think they feel like. Bowed. Golf. Yes and I think Clinton knows that on except for it so maybe a bike that clip ten times but either way what an idiot that he didn't know that. It wasn't buttons. Ask me about it and it only guys ready and down I was wanted to I'll ask another doll is they have duties. Her dad's or yours again. One didn't want it soon and I'm out. Abundant but in my hair to actually putted that and totally he has like that but what's it been like you say like ancient Egyptian. We went public edu. Jesse you're asking an awful lot from a guy that you met and tenor. I am not asking for all I'm asking for hot down and you get it and I don't think that should be heard it I. I well guys and gender are looking for our. I hot Swedes and free F parasites so no end. Well that's my hand down his life. Egypt is sexism and like I called the exterminators rod had a. Few weeks ago sending sponsored by arrow exterminating you know always looking for new partnership that. I think you will take care of your days at exterminating hall yeah. I jaskol Qaeda bag of the Internet and Doris and I. Don't think you'd elements. She's running Dennis bill for a all over its yeah. Extra come early enough it's just a giant shell on starring Betty Ford Lola.