Ghost Hunting: Jenn Talks to Chris, not Anna

Wednesday, May 18th


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For making this wedge to the Justin Jan shall certainly. Yesterday Heather reach out to us to set I wanna tracked down and asked who's my friend all through college subprime made out of their boyfriends. I'm graduation day and she isn't so did you sense and it is now married to that boyfriend and they have three kids together. Heather is hoping that Sheehan and I can restart your friendship. Heather you get to listening to this conversation you are not a part of it will come back and talk to you after the conversation can stuff. Are you ready. All right and ask you a little bit nervous. Like I'm afraid she's gonna go off on me like she would go off on that there. He is his end. Notices. The scripture doesn't. Chris this is jammed from the Jeff Kent and show we are calling on the ghost hunt on behalf of an old friend of yours and and has named Heather. Am guessing you remember who had their wrists from UGA. And she would just wanted to see if she could rekindle the friendship where EU and with and I we're kind and a. Oh you were you were quoted an she she got a little a little weed it out by the whole thing you know and commuter that handle it. So who. I mean little in the shortest like what now. Like no we just don't have any interest in and reconnect with other. Okay is it still a sore spot in your relationship. The yeah yeah I mean to pretty much all the way of saying that you the Serbs never never something that is probably going to change. But it it's certainly not what highlight. Of our of our tenure together so. I'm sure and I'm guessing you didn't name any of your kids Heather thought she. Certainly not baby name came out like I had known that that's not gonna happen. So if it if college memories come and that's a thing or talking about graduation. Or the fact that time of life do you try to skip over. I. Well we just don't. Talk about it you know wasn't there wasn't you know either one of buses proudest day. And it. Certainly in every looked like that that at a party they're they've made our. Amid a relationship harder so we we just don't we just don't talk about it. And and having had a had a battery life is not gonna make any of that it is better. What if she had it what is her purpose in coming back. Was just to apologize to you guys would you be interested in hearing that. Didn't I mean not really. And it you know let's sit great gesture all of that may. But no I mean now we just we don't need edit our lives we got along fine powder. That you know we've. We like there's just there's nothing to be gained by it I guess is ultimately what it comes out get it up. Is there anything that you would like us to tell Heather on your behalf. I'm and is behalf. The. Well. That. You know what I mean guy you'd like not really like we've you know actually use. It there's little reason we've never contacted her and then there's. There's just nothing to be gained by her trying to contact us slope like I guess like leave it below looks like you know leave it alone but a polite way. Would be great. Alec thanks in ethnics. Well. Well tell and a we're sorry for dredging up bad old memories. Will do. Okay. Thank you what was it again Chris Chris and thank you Chris. You and if you are just so we're totally clear EU wine is any chance you just wanna see and a. Not like notion that. We have heard herb Serbian drunken hit and it made my life but in my life specifically substantially order so like like no there's. There's no reason that I would have been involved with the regular. Youth and the wife of your time and have. Exactly like oh crap hits Nixon looked like he mixed in my tank and I'm really and I'm really dating credit grave Korea right now Christiane is there. Missed out topped him. Well they are you Kansas sorry that it is the right well. Our role come right back and we will I checked in waves Heather and find out how she feels about that well we told him we'd try to find the answers. We've got to we did. Jesse James shall. Suns are now before one.