Ghost Hunting: Jeff & Jenn Talk to Margo

Tuesday, June 21st


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And Jen shall we does the. Yesterday morning at this time we talked to Ian who wants us to go ghost tanning. For a woman named Margo Margo was a main tours to his wife about fifteen years ago in an ad agency in Chicago and now he wants us to find her. So she can come hopefully to Atlanta and surprise his wife. And her fortieth birthday there's going to be cynical. She knows what we colleges and idealized. And will will go from Arab and yes great RT solicitation. But he on hold and all. Aren't. Pop. Pop. This is Jeff from Jeff and show he'd. Gangster green and become and with that assumption though. And we search. For. Old friend. Do you remember working on one mean gently. Yeah yeah I do is. Is that a little lap I do. Well she talks about is still to her husband DN. And EN is going to be planning a fortieth birthday party for Jillian and wants to include you as one of the guests as one of the surprise guest for the party. Yeah they live in Atlanta now and where our show is and would love to include you. And and have you can be a whole thing. I think I Q so lovely and about where he went there. I'm not quite sure. I don't know I don't know. I don't nothing needed her at all by. I get a little bit concerned there's something bad happens. Where I reports. When they're working together and I don't know that he might not know. Where we are together and I YA lasted. My hurt quite spreadsheet up. So so. I'm at a press. I don't think we're sure what you're trying to say. Let there can you give us any more explanation was that there's some sort of weird parting of your friendship. A little bit. To be completely honest. That I work there is a totally different kind of mileage in him and and it's pretty much certainty but on other. So old. And that way. I'd do it. This hidden from the heart and I did and it was kind of came to rest and I actually never stepped kittens she and what we fired for it. I. That's terrible. And she'd yeah says she doesn't know it was your fault that she fired. Nokia actually she technique and turn it up over at her and I didn't. I pregnancies. And that didn't hired. So how weird that she talks highly of peace deal to her husband and he doesn't know. Have you had any interaction at all we've heard her sense and cents since all that happened. Well not really. I don't accept bad habits that she that you wrote op apartments that maybe she did. Yeah I think I don't know actually think they're they say about me I would not raining and. Marvels like I wouldn't say nice things about myself I now. Have you ever apologize or. Now I didn't I hey we needed it's. Tense situation be part of it never. Spoke again about it. Economic issues to worry about. It and and that I should look thing. If you. Were invited to the party and you knew that she wanted you there would Hugo. I and so he let me get hit it straighter back here I just you know outside the and it is cheap and achieve it happy eighteenth there and leading receiver. So I per night and lie. About the of course it's not America for surprise party. And then it clicked the wrong and didn't say didn't you write pregnancies that end here. Don't think she's now it could be as injuries are bygones. Really amazing like pick up her fight. Maybe she suffer really super forgiving person. Are you OK if we give. Your phone number and her husband. Yeah I did an animal that he. Being right here and that evolutionary maybe she had no gender drama things happen but just let that happen. And it says and I think it certainly and maybe don't know everything. If he wants it will pass your phone number along to him and I his name is Ian and he made me into. Thanks take a call market. Kurt thank hair. Will come back in just a few minutes time the jet engine show we will talk to Ian. Wait to hear what he can get his reaction is his response I would continue here. Three minutes on the jet engine start four. You love rejoices in the morning and. We appreciate that yeah still are not before one.