Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Victoria

Wednesday, May 25th


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And gen John we go to the. It's fascinating phone call yesterday from amber. Who wants us to find her childhood friend Victoria. That she was friends with during the five year period Wayne her dead. Kidnapped her lead and a tiny town in Ohio Victoria was her only friend. Ands. We founder we found Victoria amber Lee founder Victoria. You I'll probably won't. So we will place a Calder the way this works is you'll get to listen in on the call which it ended in Iraq and I'll win there we'll have a conversation with her. And then we'll come back to you and see how you're feeling about it okay. Opera or so much I'd hang on convict Korea. I. You keep telling you talk for so I can. This exciting. Victoria this is Jen how you doing and Ed Victoria and make any and Jaffa were calling on behalf of our new for an amber. Who is an old friend of you'll worse. From childhood. Amber or remember CU and and was. Really just touched by your friendship when you guys are kits but she had to move away and she's wondering if you guys can reconnect and she's also wondering if you know why. She laughed. Yeah IE. Definitely remember amber well. And that I didn't know what happened here now why I get it. Well she was sharing with us that very personal story. That her dad actually had kidnapped her and taking her away from her mom when she was about five. And it's. When you all lived across the street from each whether you were her only friend because her dad was trying to. And Okazaki protect away issues home schooled and only allowed to be friends with Yale and then he just one day decided to. Take her back to her mom's she didn't know she was going to be leaving and she. And you know certainly didn't know at that age but it due to investigate your information try to stay in touch with the. Yeah I'll. That's crazy cave and you know agony and as far as like. One side that are basically went quiet I can't wipe away for a three week we let it camping trip bogey legal lottery here. And when we came back. Amber and her family where it is. Aren't like yeah wait no no item number anything it is really. Changing it wasn't dramatic. Change. They were there 41 on vacation at the beginning of July and that they'd basically we're just. Don't fight it and totally missing at the end of July. You know and then how's that they live gains would venture right there over the it is saying we need to get you my friend that I've been disappeared. Banner. Says she goes to deal yeah and now she's got sent in forty hero. Trying to check on how well craziness. We senator was there a place where. I'm sorry go ahead. I didn't think there remember Alec claims that her at a remembers speaking bet. Everybody out. Ever it leave it. Can't be here at be but I didn't really understand now Beaulieu Mikey and I think that. You know people acting out looking back on it now. I don't know like this. I I didn't. And in fact that only ends so sit it out and crazy and makes sense that a weird tricky sort of unbelievable way. So you have no animosity or anything towards her. Now. I mean like I like Scott that he resigned by now Ellicott City. So we can re connected to via. Yeah and all I'd love here. It below putting together some pieces of the puzzle I'm guessing for her to do to talk to you and to sort of you know gay I would imagine that stage of her life I. I would also be fascinated to hear from hurt to hear the conversations between amber and Mike your family. And Victorian that your parents who are obviously more perceptive as adults January. Each eight you know I mean. I mean. Ideal patriotic he would out of our he'd feel about she'd. Huey and act. 2000 percentage she reached out to us. And that's the reason we're calling us to try to reconnect you guys. Wow that would be really IE I would but yet from her and united. Check out. We did reconnect we get reconnect you guys you would judge this matter right now. I'm great now probably hit that actually trying I network and I am only had a ten minute break right currently (%expletive) involvement. And I think that capacity you know rhetoric that ten minute but I. John Q we get her current. Yeah I can't remember. I got caught. Well Victoria thank you so nice things are coming on with us here appreciate it. Oh yeah without a doubt Victoria you are going to win best break of the day. So other people in the vending machine out there gun to grab a cigarette and you on the other hand. Reunited with your friend who got kidnapped so yeah when. You're welcome thank you for coming ominous. It's would you Don is not now. It's my friends and show.