Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Mark

Wednesday, June 15th


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Stress. Balls. Japanese yen shelves are ready for a lot today we are ghost hunting for Charlie can't call this goes fanning it is goes on and he has disappeared ish out of her life right that's basically what goes inning as we tracked down somebody who. Just being out of your life that this is a little bit differently tonight Charlie this time yesterday and she explained to last she's on two really great day to mark. And he's just give brush shocked shocked to know why and we tried to convince her that sometimes you just get the Brescia. And sometimes actually like all the time you don't wanna know exactly why that could be really hurtful. Charlie I thought this question in the past 24 hours and I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. Asking it. But is there any first of all are you sure you still wanna go through. A second question. Are you feeling gives you said it's been two years you told us yesterday it's been two years since your last boyfriend. Are you maybe feeling. Desperate. Ands. That I know no woman ever wants to be called that word and maybe that's why you're taking this action is that possible. I mean LA. I'm not send him that question. I think. There are. Particularly Chinese. I mean my pocket and my friend better mean it. My sister if you mentioned that you want a lot and that Egypt except me and so that you can. You know I have fulfilled every part of my job and they were you know how. You can. It's fine it's not while I responded well you know today the next time it doesn't happen again and again attacked him. Have you thought about a cat. I just think it's. An. Comfortable and X and oh well let's say. And change. Well maybe wolf make that Collie hand are gonna put you on hold you get to listen in and then welcome back to you afterwards and Kia Johnson and all I hold them please it. I. A woman stabbed Nieminen change everything and yeah. Are you type of person do you. We're. Hey mark. Its. Engines and and she wanted us to ask her Catholic. So what's on a couple of great day it's by. That means continued. And she would really know why. There's. It it's. Practice. So. And so it was I was cool. But there's is that ago left notes for wait longer. Who. I typically like apologetic about signs you know this is quick and it in with somebody but we've always been really really close circle time. And if I'm being honest I've kind of been waiting for an opportunity to. To pursue other insists he never available. Let around the second date which utterly. You know kind of I discovered. They actually. Really say they know in people's he would go to FaceBook except. And today they float kind of of a red flag like they're pretty close in size. It is moves forward I would probably lose my. Marching into the other. Well that's complicated. So. I mean it's it's that. You just have a girl that you had dry and for a long time and you think her relationship with Charlie. Could potential damage that that opportunity. Exactly and then the other girl is not replacing now relationships. And hand it. It's kind of perfect timing too as and it would have been different. Because. I'm trying to do right into it not like you know leader on. They have size and is thought everything optimistic. That yet figured seek it out you know after you know. If someone call you back or something and figure out what has only two days anyway. Yeah and so there's nothing Charlie. And nothing stand up that she did wrong are nothing. There's nothing she could have done differently to change for you are right now. I mean I wish he didn't know the other girls that. Yeah they have like 34 regional and then I mean they've even been a couple events together so I don't know. Outlook survey though they've they've hung out and I didn't want that can come back and army. Yeah. Does this girl food in the mines and exactly yes that's for and I think. It will you know. If you go the way actually do indirect saying you know I don't want. Like lighting anyone. I thank you mark for for being honest. Appreciate you luck and good luck with that woman your dreams. Yet they just caller not turn. Home. Bolo combat here in just a few minutes check in with Charlie and see how she's taken Anthony's. It's goes signing she's the one who the girl whose users pride of who faced a break out a couple odd check in there. In three minutes here on the job contentious parity for once. Shoe I'll. Or one.