Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Mandy

Wednesday, July 6th


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Itself. Star in 941. Yesterday morning a Brian told us he has added up to his eyebrows. We'd be lazy millennial entitled attitude. And specifically. Towards Mandy who has been working at his restaurant as a server for six hits and she's an eight. But the last Saturday should just know showed from shift. And he checked social media churn up on its ramseys posted pictures of Herbie and elsewhere so we're gonna call may indeed. And ghost hunt for Bryant and I get all that right Brian. You were. Okay. We'll see what she has to say for her stuff I've Friday night and you get to listening to this whole conversation are welcome back to you afterwards finally think tank. It. Teddy is excited to do this today is you're yesterday down pops in real let's get some answers. Hello man. Eight assists and think certain agreeing to come on with us on the jet engine show Heidi do and I'm sorry JoAnne. Well we do a segment called ghost hunting or where we tracked down people who have disappeared. Out of someone's life. So rip ghost hunting you know and the place he disappeared from. Was more last weekend's. Sort ghost hunting or Ryan and a who wants to find out what happens you just nurtured through a shift in the you've been one of his best employees. I ain't gonna you know all acting as you. Baby and I know what they're Mattie my mom really needed a last minute and and yet nobody else they get it maybe sector capital where getting her job. More important an outfit that plane. An that you told the mental after the fact. When did you find out you had to babysit. Like literally had minute before her my ship I was gonna comment that amounts to latent. I guess I'll from the I can't he had been with them for like six months college so you mean it had never done that before. I'm surprised at. But basically got a little curious. And he checked. I knew on social media. What. It's not set to private and because it's Bryant's pictures that you posted when he. That do. Not ABC. Not cold or not count and its price and has nothing to do with where. So it carried it out how he could be used against me because that's why nothing it would Wear. Bright but the question is who were you out with other people on Saturday night when you should have been a work. How likely now that I'm on an early. And we then I went out with my plans mean he had no idea. Alice optioned. Oh. Well I need. And me. What I. Think Ed bell. I have work every jet ever I mean more than anybody. Out there are solidly nothing. There have been rappers and I'd like Ollie didn't make it like everything and I and I. Didn't. Opt like yeah I need and I thought. Walsh got I'm guessing that he would give it to you if you would just. Asked him for. I doubt it. I mean like I know how you're. Well now you're not on the schedule and all for a week you still wanna work there. Yeah up. And it perfect for my. I think green I think your sixth sense of equity has earns you something. And our. He busted you know lie so what's the next step from here to keep the job. Yeah do an apology I'm doing my bad lie to me. I think I've done. Feel like well wait I can't work so much and he's such a good job for them. You clean really mean it like whenever I get weak job. But you understand if you want time off. Like you ask for time off you just don't not show up. Now it isn't like your forgiveness later you know I mean light. One and I eat it up again. OK. So will tell Bryant expected called where you're going to. Ask for forgiveness. And our own sort of fess up. They just say you know he knows that you are really watching your little sister act don't go back. Well that's my. Personal and then the ridiculously. K even use that. You have to set it surprise right otherwise everybody can see he can use it he did that's why you call or. He doesn't have to be following you to see if it's all public backcourt of why he'd these cells are teaching him. I asked the culinary thought. Okay well thinks are coming out with does mean being Gillick CN. Sorry aid. By eight. If she had said that phrase I mean one more time. I mean I may have moved stood up and ran my handed the ball and you don't. I mean I we're tired and are are gonna come back and talk to her I was listening to that entire film I mean you talked front paying you any thing is to keep from Bard I mean again attacked him and you're gonna get it next. Just contentious dynamic for one. So it's our naive or blind.