Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Brittany

Tuesday, June 28th


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Jeff and she and also. Yesterday morning we talk with Alyssa who is married to Christopher. And Alyssa I heard. That Christopher might have a child. With a girl that he went to summer camp we've seen Britney. And so we are tracking down Britney. To find out if that's true. Did we even ask the list so why she just didn't go to Christopher. She's afraid that it's not true and I'll think she's like. She's gonna blow up the big saying if there is no titled is that accurate. And I don't I don't know all of that and how old with this child that was for task. And what. I'd so we're gonna put you on hold we are going to follow Britney. Because we found her. We are going to call Brittany. You'll be on hold listening to the entire conversation and then welcome back to you Andy feedback okay. All right. Ari how in the world do you ask sending him a baby is ten or eleven. And I'm bit they're figure out. Yeah. This day I really don't know it is and it how do you open that conversation. I stranger I'm just wondering. You know. You do. And. Can't. Yeah. Hi brittney area. Ahead this is Jen and Jack and gangster green monster with us. Now. So we are calling to asks. Questions about your life and I'm just go ahead stay of the hunt and feel and comfortable about it but I missed an amigo writing okay. So I am calling on behalf. Of a woman who is now in the life of one of your taxes. Somebody that was really special in your life. And 1011 years ago is name's Christopher. I. Attacked so. You Chris for had a relationship of some sort and it entrance for a long time and maybe that relationship was romantic one point rate. OK okay so. The woman that is currently in his life has to question about you is. If you law. Had a child. I. Yeah. Now. Now you know me and my name. Is. Out. You know tenure. So. What was their relationship like review in Christopher Regis. Boyfriend girlfriend. Yeah I mean immediately and summer camp together. Right and then I and then you kind of vanished and some rumors came around and in so. That's that's kind of where this came from if he has vanished. For me in the evening. I had no idea now I laughed. And the middle I. My dad lost his job and then all of them we have to live regular armed. What they got tired and so we went from Georgia. Oklahoma and there's a chief architect. That makes it simple says you don't have yet how many children. No definitely not child aids to. Got it. These aren't awkward questions. To crying in here what I. We appreciate it now. And think yeah. You can make up some really great story takes the. Freedom as we knew it you have an interest in acting in Christopher. Okay. Okay. Well Brittany thank you so much for coming with us appreciate it and I think. Okay. If things. From. His wife. Reconnect them. We just just get answers we are not yet I should never sounds self testing yes and should have been you know. I welcome back to just a minute we'll talk to you a list that will give her feedback and the whole situation. Coming up in just three minutes on the jet engines aren't any for one's. We gender and gender. And selling 94 law and.