Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Get Monica's Reaction

Tuesday, July 19th


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We just went close timing we found it to Arrington on behalf of Monica they used to be friends. Friends anymore he's kind of goes and honor and segment and the reasoning goes that matters because his wife didn't like his relationship. With Monica. Monica did you hear that whole conversation. I. I'm. And I think it is like really I. Mean. She didn't. And so I. Think her. Weld did don't you feel like that what he said had some merits that. What he was getting from you and your friendship with him is really what he should be getting from his wife. And this is like him setting the reset button. Mean like okay. We haven't. And integrated. It and you. I do agree that I think he should've at least given her phone call because he he didn't seem upset by. He seems matter of fact I'd say he could but. You don't know how upset his wife is and she lives over the top emotional and upset about it than a call one more call to mind. It and to protect her laying there I got it OK yeah so or not. Was retreating back to twitches like you will hope that your husband dies if you ever find yourself on the opposite side and yeah I'm saying. Early. And making an example where it isn't there. I. Well I mean in some ways it was successful goes to because we did find the answer it always successful goes I'm proud. Of. Good news is Monica you know you don't work with Darren any Marcie you know currency and never sees life and property owners you can use candidature and. Our way. And you always. And you know I think this goes up and our people line the shelves. Sons are in before line.