Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Call Darren

Tuesday, July 19th


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Tracking Della people who have Goss did you want. We don't tell. Ghost hunting is our segment every week we tracked on something that disappeared from your life and yesterday at this time we talked to Monica. Who is ghost hunting down daring and Darren is a former co worker of her if they were very close business professional relationship. And after it went on vacation with his family just stopped acting with her so we're gonna call Daryn today and Steve and get some answers for Monica. And. We that you want to hold you get to listen to this whole exchange an am weakened back to you and find your feelings so hang on and we will call him now okay. I. I. Well. Darrent had and this is to and from the Jeff contention Jeff and I am on YouTube right now things are going to come on with us. Work half of an old friend and colleague of yours Monica. Who is really tense learn about your relationship she just wants to know what happened because she is actions differently in the last month and and maybe she's done something wrong so we're calling on her behalf Q. And see if we can help mend fences. Well. So what happens world. My wife. Yeah its it's so sad. A trip with Monica. And should it was appropriate. But this all came about. We want vacation. And she. Would recycle my laptop and she came across yeah. Messenger on the and she's so awesome and so there are so. You sat. You know rejected the night in the item item over forty it. You know she's she's got a greater. Chat anyway he put my ancient. We're younger civil. Oh with that decision. Should be firm and war. And this. So what was the would you mind telling us about what was in that conversation because my didn't characterize your friendship as. All right. At all inappropriate yeah and then. We're or anything like that it was did you just talking about life. They did just that friendship and general major why don't comparable. I think that. As close as having that kind of close it was it was somebody else. I think it made her feel a little bit like you know sort of getting points. The core of war well. And I think it really governor gamble in the so you know lap and I want to sort of program not a hypocrite you know what it is. I've considered Monaco grand militants and inappropriate about it. I'd just. I think that it even occurred I wouldn't take it at that are quiet of my life and career. That's off Aaron. I think it's and ethnic response is not telling you for. Monica fantastic I got nothing against Monica and Richard welcome. Or though you can talk occurred brokered. That really. But really elder it's got nothing we can do anything wrong the dirt and grow its an uncomfortable situation. Okay we'll answer Sharon that's appreciate it or. Will ultimately the message to Monica and we issue and you like evenly well. We're. Think Aaron Cook thanks Daryn. We'll come back here in just a couple minutes and we Walt talked to Monica. Again why are you making a face who's listening hold yeah does that matter. Just came here she's okay because he seemed like them very matter of fact about it yeah. Wealthy. Yeah all right welcome ray back. We'll talk to Monica and gave her opinion of this whole situation just a couple minutes and three minutes to be examined and the jet engines aren't evil. The justice shells. Yeah ansari not before one.