Ghost Hunting: James & Carly Part 3

Tuesday, December 20th


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Christmas within shouting yes yeah. I about to wrap up this week's episode of coach fanning the question amber Lyon and everyone's mind. The gen survived. That three minute break and I. Picnic he just hit something caught in the back of your problem and you just the end of it out yeah. In the back in the month hype and I'm like sorry fishy route literally ran down the hall to her office is back with a you've got yourself a lozenge. I'm all wrap this up we've we've games fairly cut and dry eyed James welcome back to the shall. And your concerns that Jack is okay. I'm concerned about James is partly it's. Carly not a fan of your relationship with your mom. Now I didn't. I think you're blogging that purported to be. Somebody out there that your partner in the order hatred toward me maybe you are deliberate effort in that lets I don't know I don't think that agency then there are true. How many times a day do you exchange text messages with imam. I V I am close with my non. I'm. I talked to her I kind of thought that would be a good thing when women wanted to know that I had not ignoring my elderly mother you know try to deny Harry's. Little friends. Sir I think men who treat their moms well treat it well. Are you I'm. Our do you think your mom news. I don't know what it's what it's cause I was a tribute to that seems weird do you think your mom is excessive. In her pride in years. Call her send them and them yet I you'd still have all my childhood through these. In the crowd that night you that you'll like them it's supposed to yeah I get that eight. So you know didn't. Think I'm how did what. Wait staff for a second did you say somebody made a poster of him. We have been made it a long time ago I was a kid remember like in the eighties they had done Michael Jordan posters and added yeah did you beat. All a lot way to you know. Your mom I don't all week. Your mom has that happened in her house. What we have won rave upbeat. As he thought Wiesbaden elect look accurately. At a kid and yeah all right row. But he red eye and you how you're 38 right. Yeah yeah. I'm guessing you're probably getting pretty close to being done growing. I don't know that I don't look like that he would art though and didn't like what you don't listen to that you are there. I'll call I'll call myself out and you know my parents still have my childhood bedroom still has things in it from my childhood they just haven't netstat. Right but there's no shrine. Like there's now look at James. Like if anybody's gonna either gonna no she's going to be in your life and so Charlie's obviously just not the one. Clearly not yeah he was that you could I get not better to find out about it later right now and I thank you James. Yeah. I I'd wrap that up pretty abruptly Jan because I feel it now I have a tickle and take that route now you're outside copying somebody yawns here you are search coughing and as far as contagious. You know thank you got to look at. You get better than James. Mean I can be and nice thing when guys are really sweet and respectful of their mom's. I do think the mom was waiting can be turned off a 100%. Thousand person you can be a little bit of a mama's boy Lebanon like all the way mama's boy. If you've ever had on display issues. I think with rising from it in Sharon spent time with us for a 47419408. Young Carly. On. I denied that none of them mama's boy but I definitely get with the only counting like my parents you know meet those of in the room whatever the mama's boy issues of coal. That's deep. Mama's people that Veoh that. Bronze eat it can be disruptive on. If you could Seneca is hazardous amount. Lightly as some I would love to hear from you for a tourism borrow 19400. All right so under the mama's boy phone calls we'll start with Katie and Buford welcome to the show. I'm glad it's the current commas where next moms with the ugly an actual. I mean. I would put them in college and and I are realizing you'd call a lot of our time eight on. In the morning when you look at what I'm during the day and then at night when he went bad liar a whole day to. Yeah now he got that there are huge kind of competing with me turn it. Are competing and competing for his attention. Yeah and I'm all about family I love when there are eight got a little weird. Like I got a job as. Yeah. Got a text message from guy is somebody who is listening he said that. Her husband's mom would snuggle with him at her. They'd all be like in the living room together. My man. Probably so is it are we are we saying here that we're making the rule that Mamas and participate in and I can see McChrystal may have just thrown up a little amount paid for itself. Larry you guys tennis now. Are you get it I mean are you dealing with a mama's boy or is this an act. Don't know at a blank not. Declared saying I. How weird you asked me to like grab my finger on his forehead like it not to comfort me in the bedroom. Like a country. Handling unit eighty. That we and the ultimate compliment we've revolved around his mother. And my mother would you your mind and my mother. I would say yeah I don't wanna be reminded. They're not going to compliment as the mother. Judy in ignorance and gotten. Okay. I brokers or banks I didn't need him running inherit the start this conversation producer Geneen. Which your mama we story energy and basically every argument secretly has three people. Because you talk is issued current notice would be and I secrecy it's such a great guy silly. Able to do anything he needs to do until he talks. And we have long conversation about something important wouldn't even be an argument until he would like randomly the next day's Billick. OK so let's think about that thing and then completely fit the complete opposite of everything we disagreed on late. Ha. That sounds a lot like a month. And he been able yet this is I was talking and she brought a few good points in house like a consulate explaining your own words like why you change your mind. And you just like us she is mrs. Smith might give a week after that. And then it can be be like nothing he couldn't and it. With his own words ever have you guys have a conversation about where couch in the living in pain and he calls his mom and she's right. With a better along the opposite wall and that's been. Any any as a site confuse that I was confused but his mind was changed out of nowhere and like it's not suspicious TO he always with mom's opinion. It was like he suddenly just completely questioned everything as an accurate light. Yeah now. Our own Marissa Irvin of rage right now on Jeannie. And began to move states together which involves. A lot of like well we'll look like they tried to make everything ten times more complicated. Because they wanna be wanted to be involved in light driving down pass was it uncomfortable in their front seat of the U haul coming all the way down the East Coast with his mom's in the middle almost involves something like that. Accord mama graphic color. Chris and at quarter. I got wolf are law I'm very thankful mall lot that she's been so patient magic or any ex boyfriend almost get to outlaw the stuck with me. Even though the head to head occurring and what small mom. And it details on cannot sit. Similar court sort of gains of less than they've cut the corner and he's got to get to go rule where she's not your wives she's not going to be your girlfriend let her go she'll be okay. Made it click for you crests. I'll read to alma fortunately leaving me bird and while yes you elect me and I do what he deserved it looking back now. I think occupation army cannot had a aha moment and made it illegal to tumultuous but my mom and meet. You're asking my. Rihanna Chris Warren what the moment was the major ways I'd and it now. You know what I didn't know I was basically a bit of yes like warlord operator name but she lives to talk to them all about meanwhile I'm about to me not want to discuss something. Would come. Directly guys can you not like make a decision to yourself you're an adult he's not your right and I'm here. The delegation I'm shooting myself so that I now rate. Yes you need absolutely right cheek I mean that that's what happened to it if Casey doesn't open the value cattle eat. I I don't I don't know are all in all around and. Thank you address. You can't have a reform on asthma okay it will idea that naturally I don't think that's persons named Emmitt we read that message. And me. Oh. Oh and I last and and they needed a day just don't think it. Woman you know who's. A young boy. On the boy's mom and if he can pass down his boxer shorts to his little brother and and and also she saved the arts. His body that was. Removed with circumcision. Added in a tiny tiny little fox. I. In most frightening mind mistaken herded us into notice on about half. And I. The championship. Turn O'Sullivan worked today to go home and he didn't have much. Back to the 01 story nannies or wants.