Ghost Hunting: James & Carly Part 2

Tuesday, December 20th


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Tracking down people who have Goss did you want. We don't tell. Yesterday morning on the jet engines show and James who wants just as good as sensing. 401 of the easiest for a couple of times her name is currently. Says James is explained to us yesterday that he wants traffic downtown is driving him nuts as you just disappeared just disappeared. After meeting his mom. We'll see at lunch. And I'm Bob yeah so he's like OK what's gone on. James tied to his mom and mom she was lovely day and thought it was a great had so mom is just as clueless as why Carly would disappear. So weird ghosts sent and talk to Carly today and James and miss anything marriage and I get out right. I do have one question yeah if you don't have anything to add James I would like to ask you question before you make the call. Yeah I the question is was there any time during the lunch that your mom and Carly were alone. For an extended period. You want that they go to bat of the war I did you but it felt that it. He yelled I am saying anything crazy happened you know. But the number a couple of minute by it the other that you went pretty well a little awkward but I feel like that is already touted beauty cemetery right. All right now if I'm just imagine I can getting up to use the restroom to get an extra bottle water some bank mom leaning across the table and saying. You're not good enough from my son always she didn't do dads who just thinking out loud here on school that. Yeah well there's certain technical. I so we put you on a hole because the phone here though currently. Beyond the old. Ed. You never service and Jenner now. Forgot about him. I really do. You get down like Goodman is that it is easy yeah. Now that it has nothing to do with them. Is pleased to Carly. Eight but the during the day currently thanks to him coming on with us it's Janet Jeffs is here you are there are carrying. Yeah jet fighter how is your day on. An end okay and yeah it will be an end. Well I'm master have you ever heard before about we do a segment on Chicago's sensing. And today you are the goose says so we. Track you down because there's someone who was special in your life who. Really thought that dating you is going well but he was obviously wrong about that because he disappeared and I'm talking about change. Teams at all and still I'm an ex that he doesn't know why you pay old why ghosts of them. Well. I don't matter. You told us that when that certainly aren't enough for me. I'm meeting is Mamas and half three and oh yeah where's relationship like an army. There. She slept with him or they're such at each other there's some weird alien there aren't happening there and I want. No part of it lay and second what I obsessive beats out there. How much trying to him like Echelon I have never seen anything like it a little blue. Put him on the Wally you keep that there's something. And then you went to her house. Yes let me read me that backward that was completely at how I would enjoy it like they're kicking her out that he lacks. He left met deeds he said my mom stopping by for lunch. Path I got an outlook hunter pulled out when Carly hold on 12 because when you said bizarre Freudian stuff. It had actually started choking and the water use drinking. Are you thinking on that she's there she hasn't really go running gran paso water. Look I'm. That you drank. That's fantastic. It's. It. That goes running that almost killed the Jenn hobby. Are sorry that it received over to the house. Adam we'll have that Michael you're trying to him that his trip each. Your world soccer that she can't heartland. Had started and bottle like. Huge lately I would like site. I like that huge huge pedestal comfortable and then. It's so funny that I need to clean install quality I hit it a little bit on and that really can beat each other EI AA. The link you're you're thirty you're all you can't put under your spot and everybody had something to help you out. A call. Al and I can't tell you met her. Hurt he was taxing allow. It's only in his car has written an. Acute in the. Does he have any does she have any other kids as he. Only child's. Hey are. Me I won't hold and and it's not just weird I mean whether I ever kind of situation I I just I'm pretty sure. I AJD have anymore questions for apparently. She can't start a guy odd Carly we got enough information from you so I'll we'll let you go. We got to play the united I'll play a sound here somebody has Jens daisies is joking and then we'll OK we're really okay currently. I did. You have any that you're on page and use I mean she's the song together. OK welcome back and we'll pick up with his name again. I dream through James Thomas Boyd have mama's worried James welcome back and pick him up here in three minutes after urged gen clears her lungs. I am we'll wrap up this week's edition. This week that. German judges value Furlan. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.