Ghost Hunting: James & Carly Part 1

Tuesday, December 20th


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Can tell people who have Goss did you want. Let's get re intuit Janet and say hello. Did James. Who's looking to throw my name's Arlene I James. I. Eight that came to our paper goes on today. Though yeah yeah. I tell us about. The. Okay so basically we I mean usual way. He gave her. A little over two months. The other group artificial. And I did have a lot of fun. Put a label on it. You know I I wanted to show that experience and I introduce third. Might not look. And yeah I think they could stop. They that you do this particular I don't know but basically. Actor that day not I got along great love that you like there. Carly has not responded tonight exe. Ignore my calls it and I don't know what Villanova and the job of what you what happened in that it. Have you asked how. Am I think she is cooler than I am I you know what you don't like I like the girl GT eight and you know that's about it at what the bond to do right. Right now I just wondered if she had any. Clues that obviously sees as this puzzled. Is that I mean we've we've been meeting between Carly and your mom a surprise the Carly or did she know what was gonna happen. You know we're gonna happen but I kind of an expert on her earlier. Like he's celebrating you know a lot I never ever let up yet much and all of you don't you don't I'll exile. I figured that was the good a good thing right in the head and you know I am a guy you're about committing and. Well but meeting of the parents is a big deal. Is and I don't remember the first time I met alleys parents it was like a thing play. You an enemy. My parents this weekend in win Kelly met my parents. It was you're gonna come be my parents this weekend wasn't like a a bottle and my mom and dad are gonna pop and on Marines witnessed. Yeah I mean it was like I paying so I wonder if she was put off by then nonchalance. And me in May be felt rattled like she wanted to be better prepared maybe if something with. Wouldn't making most somebody man. I mean you could be rattled by that than that some sort of maybe chat about it later. I don't know that doesn't I don't know maybe a. I'm while the way and there were and they are there any other details that you didn't think you need to lay out answers that is that that the basics rate there is. Why don't need a budget he'll speak at Ed usually people know more. It was kind that you really ever pocket so ever in the back end. You know protect that daylight in the labor on the is that what we're noted. Oh and I beat up. When she was gonna break it won't do it lunch folk I. Went back. Anyway I'm kaine has he couldn't let. Yeah I don't doubt that did I didn't hear yeah. OK it's funny I I mean it's not funny accent but it's fine now this is everything which I view not if you don't get the inserts. And this is why we do a radio she now. It's to make sons about cats and call your ex girl trying to find out why she H mom and a half. All right what we'll do is I'm. What will tracked armored around the track I'm. I'm Carly down and find out if she's willing to mama this that this time tomorrow if she is. You get to listen to the conversation we have with horror. Where she explains exactly. Why things went sideways in and welcome back after that feedback from music all. Oh good late night we'll get to work and convincing Carolina primary witness Anderson tomorrow morning at this time. We go Goss happening. On the jet engine that. Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind.