Ghost Hunting: Ian's Reaction to Margo's Revelation

Tuesday, June 21st


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The justice and shells. OnStar in 941. Well we just goes on it and tracked down Margot an old friend of Chileans that she worked to act we were calling on behalf of Jillian has been Ian. Who is planning a surprise fortieth birthday party for her about Pardo told us that. She was the reason Julie got fired back in the day and can't imagine why in the world. Her husband won't want her at the fortieth birthday party this and really we heard what I expected at all did you hear that whole conversation in. I did. And that was surprising I was not expecting. Any of that information. So when Gillian talks about martyr she says only good things right that's why your turn checkered. Yeah and I mean she used I've bastard before why they fell out of touch or she doesn't try to get old birdie or just trying to get. I don't know little quiet changes subject before sort figured it was some then. Maybe a little operate I was expecting it to be. Martin government or fired. And so the parties not a surprise to some of the guests we're going to be surprises. Yeah I mean it's it's hard to keep the fortieth birthday party that surprises you which probably thinks so and definitely on the. So do you tell her or not tell her about you your conversation with Margo. Pre party. I'm not. Going to. Just. Maybe afterwards so litter knows that. I have misinformation in the hands. You know Margo. Sounded sorry and then let it be up to her to get all the over. And that that's too big of a decision Felix from me to make both oh. If it goes badly it'll all part it will badly. Well we'll give you Maher goes phone number and then you have it and you can decide what to do with it after the fact. Yeah I would appreciate that cool well thank you let us go cents for use kind of what we are. Being so amazing in and do and then 24 hours of incredible. Now we are amazing and incredible we have people. You lots of choices in the morning and tells us we appreciate. Yeah still are not before one.