Ghost Hunting: Ian Wants to Ghost Hunt for His Wife

Monday, June 20th


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When that disappears from your life call us and we go ghost hunting. And jet engines we find people who have disappeared and today we're gonna find somebody. Four. Very. I'll tell us how we can help you find. Somebody who ghost it and use the you've never. They actually the Eagles Obama waits on on trying to put together. First party. And it's it's not a surprise were department has some surprise guests. My wife's fortieth birthday. And Sloan the pretty memorable and uses ranging talks about sometimes. All the time that you she mentions and you lost contact with the achieve that right out of college as a poster options kind of she worked at. I think she she was bigger direct supervisor. She simply import Weis. Like fifteen years ago on and I owe me the first name and we are these sorts it's. So this woman is no longer in your lives. Life. Oh you can't go through your wife to find her is that is that right. And you're right yeah I tried searching around through. Were her friends on FaceBook. That it. She's I can't fighter. Oracle's surprise if you locking your fortieth birthday party and somebody that. That may interview that he had in Sierra. You're pretty cool critical hit it at X where. It's okay. And so it's. Any ideas and work the woman's. Car. Either globally. They worked at an ad agency at the time. Like friend had. I don't know. I have no idea actually acquitted I don't know I mean no I didn't so who knows you know this if this woman. That's the only lead. OK and can you tell us. We city only her first name. Yeah. Okay was it in Atlanta was in another city. It would actually you are. Should be easy for. Late. I. We have actually said working a couple of private investigators. So we could throw it one of them see what they can't wave and then have you back on the radio this. It it's time tomorrow. Ambles what's woman's first name looking for. Mario. Inched. Will make the call will do it in the same way that we always do it will call Margo. You to listen in golf which are listening. You're. And we'll talk to Marcos if remembers Julian and she says and it's cool that well do you. Her contact info or vice Versa and they UEFA great surprise party you can buy us while we can't. It may not here I'm we will talk to you and it's time tomorrow and of ghosts running for Margo. On behalf you enjoyed Gillian for her fortieth birthday thanks for negativity and thank you goes tanning continues tomorrow morning at this time rate here and the jet engine ships before. Lots of choices in the morning shows us we appreciate that. Sorry before one.