Ghost Hunting: I Was Kidnapped

Tuesday, May 24th


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Golf. Starting 841. Ghost hunting is when we tracked down people who have disappeared out of your life. This could be the most fascinating one that we have done yet. It's really amber who wants to find a friend of hers when she's going out named Victoria hey amber welcome to the shelf. How old glory we are great how are you. I'm crippled URN. Excited we'll trying our best to have a. Amber I understand that you have a really interesting story from your childhood. Yeah. Perhaps by years of there right and sun. 861986. In nineteen and you weren't. And I lived in that you really need Chinese. Quiet around Kabul and then and. Well my. My parents got divorced and. My dad and I kidnap me in 861. RA and and then took me over there that I only had one friend and. I think you are trying just you know to me from my mom. Everything that's come across parts when everything. So you obviously understand that now as an adult but did you know all where a kid or did you just think it was like god just moved away with my dad and. I think and integrate with my dad at her name. It I mean I met my mom back in Mary. And yeah it was weird and why he's been weird. I act and you know just want to. Well make you happy. And like he was pretty. I'm definitely. I had that one trend I very much Lauren actually calling it. IE and Romeo to play with this one friend and I I didn't. I understand that turned back and he was Victoria. And back Hawaii can. Basically. I just explain what her hair and she revealed anyway and I could talk Asia that. Across street. And and is my dad's new wife actually. Home schooled me. So you know it literally the only. So me and suddenly in 91 my dad just don't need to act cute Georgia. Turned me to my mom and then turned himself into authorities and I'm. It doesn't really big deal and I suddenly you know realized that he'd done something a lot. I never. Actually obsolete Victoria again now. So I you're you're literally friends or this girl and like you're playing together one day and then he decides to take you back home. Bring you back home and as you'd never any good chances say about it. Right it was a scary and I I didn't know how weapons coming back and just. We needed that we early evening. And you know you. He would I obviously going through a lot because you know I mean I was so bad that in early and then go high and. I didn't. You're like filling up movie. Yeah that kind I mean I you know I don't really well. Try to not nag my bad that I mean it's like it was just a really weird term and I mean I know that they. Obviously that the divorce Lebanon and get on either back then you know my dad. Part that's. It quiet consent he was the one that was you know in the wrong in the first place which is why he kept me now that he kind of I. I am right out loud that it didn't announce they do it was partners you don't I would choose and I get baited on the back to choose and we get to mean. So did he end up going to jail or anything foreign do you have any sort of relationship I know this has nothing to do with finding Victoria but I'm just curious. The end of doing any jail time and you have any sort of relationship with him now. Pattern. Yeah I he did. And yet I'd deal. It's definitely complicated. And at it. I mean to pick it has strained relationship would be now. An understatement. Some people have you remember we went camping and he says it would make it. So that's a little right right yeah a little bit out. Eve I busy trying to track down Victoria. So far and have been unsuccessful he wants to see if we can get a hold. Yeah I mean I I you know I mean you look I'd say well yeah needs try to have my name that I don't know what her last name. Why then at that note you know I mean where we've lived and I have all those details. But you know I think I I would try. But added that I have been slightly tech and I didn't know we were buying and hang out and I didn't. You don't really think it'd be error when you're a kid. I. We will. Tracked down Victoria we will have you on again at this time tomorrow. And we will call her. And you'll get to hear our conversation with her we'll see if she remembers you and we'll see how she feels about reconnect and. Quote but I think you will argue tomorrow. Apple sells for one. It jazzy jazz shot.