Ghost Hunting: Heather Reacts to Chris's Call

Wednesday, May 18th


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It's great schools. And Jeffrey. We just tried to call and I on behalf of Heather instead we got and it has been Reyes. Think Chris is the reason that and and haggard no longer friends anymore. Well little making a fashion as the reason enough. Well there would Nevada make out session of Kristin what himself on had a bad credit. Hey Heather. Then you got here on out what do you think. Well I mean at some fortunate. You know at the fitness something that they've been able to move past I think. You know it's very conflicted that's not something that they're willing to confront lose track. Old evidently running brag pull out of it they can't confront and it may have moved past it. Well obviously not a bit so let it sort by their relation champ. It's Canada's sore spot the source I was you calling them trying to track him down. Well yeah I mean I didn't know it was fairly holding onto that as you know. And these ten years later so we'll that the subtract but it. You know my client lake Olympic track and. What I hear you saying is it was meaningless to year. Obviously it was just flake graduation weekend John Kincade leaders spent a lot of time together lake. Sometimes even how these things happen and it's not like we did. Anything else like it was obviously jargon at a party in the middle of it either trying to be like. Malicious they're walking behind your back is if something happens. This in the making any sense. Is it to. James can put away. I didn't look like I didn't pass that LA I don't feel like that's something you don't or can't do it or not sank in English critic but it's really meant and a likely have a bit. Pension and I was. It. Am I the only line it's completely and boarded this. No I am I flew them with what part of that I'm looking at your face and imparted to you kind of understands what they're saying right. What what I understand is that it didn't mean anything to her. Which is nice but what we're trying to explain her is that it did mean something to Anna and Chris has been dairy. Impact people in their marriage it's been a Chris slot it's been like the whole it's been a big deal for them so. Even though it's not guilty you. People that make oh and she was able alternatives one half. And if they split either don't think it's fair that iron that backed get a. Well yes they characterizes it as you push yourself on him while you were to. Well that's certainly elated Cilic to forgive him now. Now. Yeah it's just not gonna happen the friendship is not. Right. All right now I've they thank you for trying without us and ideally he was in. Quote yeah. If you wanna be a part of goes tanning it did you shoot Jane and emailed Jan. It's star 941 Atlanta that come in and you can go on the same journey that Heather and I think it's. Jesse James shells. Sons are not before one.