Ghost Hunting: Follow Up with Angelina & Mr. Jacobs

Friday, November 4th


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One. Did you have to get a shop. Her name was Angelina. His name. Is mr. Jacobs. And you miss her music eerie teacher and decades now right this is that goes on average per. I regret saying yes to her that we would track him down because it's. And. I hope I don't regret it I they here's here's. How it and edge kind of shook out on the Aaron Angelina by the way is on hold list and we are gonna get an update from our planet have you reached out. But here's how on Monday we get the call from Angelina and he has now what you ghost I'm the guy going to look for is male teacher went Iceland access. His name is mr. Jacobs. And army music theory and as a senior I was hot in I was actually Lester in his class. And they dated as well in his classes I would have in she ever she was so excited that one day he complemented her jacket or her sweater or something. She is again holding on to that moment. Yes and it's ten pats were ten years later she's like looking good and his experience. If you personally and and she was like I need to know about his life like what is going on his war in and out married kids like what does the right. And so we do what we do when we ghost and then on Tuesday morning with her listening and we had a conversation. We've. In Europe few of the things that he told. Some years now and he didn't clear it seems to be about that bigger well you know like. Yeah I negotiation alive and. All right so I felt immediately so long lived outside of what works and doesn't that you know I stay active. And. Are you marry. Were you know I got a girlfriend. Didn't see him you know. Even a bit over the law but the title says it super serious so. So that's something that you would do it like catch over the former student that's not like a weird. Professional weird they. And it's spent ten years as somebody's been ten days you know I mean. Yeah. Yeah yeah and they had that that don't go on the entry gunpoint that's not good you know kept up what are they actually you know. And even his voice is as is his voice creepy or does that sound creepy because we heard all members nation. It's pretty creepy again in an apartment. You guys did say that she'd been nervous in the second round and so I mean. A nickel. You know we can Ecuador and and they have a cease until it actually looks and what are her life. If she's why don't I imagine sitting on a red out of wood paneling on the walls and it's like there. I'm in the Israeli and he's very net. Shirts but I'm sure with a tie and a blazer. And so boxes. C. So. Passion runs again. This car us. She's sort of yeah. Yeah I. It used to be about it bigger though you know like. Remakes are seen. Yeah you just he talks Ferguson was thinking about it so I mean. A nickel good. You know we can't quicker and and you know she's you know actually works and what are part of like ten she's. So does that happen and using it we went back Angelina and we thought you realize wow. He's weird what was seventeen year old and we think. But that's. He has yes Aslan is number I would seasons. Here. I Angelina is joining us now. Angelina. Atlanta is waiting for their floor is yours. Palace. One half. Yeah we talked. Campaign and and they weren't bad. We can even strained a little bit. Read my nervous like high schooler. I get it right away like I would have a one of those bad examples like. They went in he ignited the color white mister Jacobs hurt yeah we heard a crack and then regret and the little things like yeah. 11 o'clock AM. Food and why merit I mean it like a long. And the car and then but that they wore those I. You know I haven't and I went out there I'll be out there any way or letting Chris mad here in the area that you they'll. Battling at the am like something like get. You. We're really not I mean maybe there I mean I wasn't and I'm going to be there and I event and and dabbled in India have a drink and just like cat acted he Halladay you know you. The whole like he would be cool at all but he got a different than I remember you know in in high school I backed it going to be. Telling over the white got back I'm so excited and I and other weird that I'm pretty delight. He doesn't building in my head. So might as you have your outfit planned already. It's only first IT unit prime minister on how grown up I am now hit the. Dagger. And. Exactly fully planned to have options okay and depending on the you know like what I you know. I'd like to get body to show up looking totally can't be wearing a really great jacket that server side and white taken out there like vampire. And hide. There aren't they did is subject of his current girlfriend Emma. No it did not even though I know that they did not come. I. Well you know what to get these cells and girl yeah I mean where you were aware and we're not we're not judging we're just sitting here and off. The. Yeah well I'm not there I'm excited to gauge layout and they don't need a big joke and let down ever bad I'm OK you replica of wanna. Score actually and then and kind of the bottom of my little fancy and you look at the other. Are we living in a world where dating in Atlanta it is so bad. That that women. Like Angelina who is self proclaimed. On points. And bam bam right thanks so so I'm confident lawmen. And an attractive element to say those things right now. Yeah you are. Funny and confident. And I assume. Physically attractive and engaging. But you're traveling to a different state. To link up with a creepy old man music teacher here. Like oh what does this stuff it terrible horror films are in and out of or cheap or. It is in this. Aura might have maybe an hour an hour I don't know or for forty act. Why. I know that we're proud spell out. You know home all of normal you know hanging on course we're all I'm not saying it won't dwell on. Ball on normal and don't want. I won't talk to us after after it happens he loves and oh my goodness. Or are you bedrock and Matt. She's this just. It's. They Christy welcome to the ads have Indonesia. Well. I'll let you know things that it and and then reality. Yeah that code yet. It. Like it might need like eight. I did like about this guy. It places that lotion in the past. Okay yeah. Well I got this and players. Perry got mr. Jacobs. Community mountain. He didn't there used to be like that big girl you know like. Animal actor places that lotion in the path. Place. I've been lucky Angelina. In case you haven't heard it today we look nice. And no one can notice the colonies on enhanced recovery of the championship show star and 841.