Ghost Hunting: Does He Have a Baby

Monday, June 27th


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Shia so. Far. They've vanished out of your life and that we find him in space segment that we do on the show called ghost outing. And today we're going ghost riding for a list. I list hello I welcome to the channel. You. Lie. What why. That's important so. I'd. I'd tell us who we are looking for. I say it won't help finding. The girl that my trip and you growing up. And I I. I think I think they might try to child actor. Yeah. So he definitely. And I'm just hang. And other information a couple of weeks without her sister a lot and I try to entry he had a recurrence and intriguing outfit that played. Particularly. I'm eating out definitively. So OK hang on I'm confused yeah how does his sister used that your sister in Los and his sister. How does his sister knows that he got a baby but he don't know he'd made. OK if the information that I now when I know that. But the and they went to summer can't app that are met their lives. Yeah and went hammers he was chancellor. Learning. And currently the leader in the interest girl too if it here. And all the rumors started to actually get in pregnant. And I know I really narrowed and then the next. Here it actually wasn't fair ball. And my sister Lott said that she conversation. With my cat and we actually. And efforts you why he might let it eat it should be. OK so the girl what's the name of the girl that we're looking for. Honeywell are old and which her husband's name. Christopher I'd say OK so Christopher doesn't know you've called us. Well looks like and he. Delivering that kept him without having definitive information if you like. I think we're involved in the situation is just not asking a question. Question and you know for sure before I open up and blow it and turned back and Chesapeake day to I didn't know for sure. What is it a big isn't a big bad thing to you that what it is as a deal breaker if he has. Hope now I don't know not me an intriguing actually you know they don't have any kids we're thinking about having managed and it kind of hurt you know at least there should be kept out there attack doesn't know. You know creek country that it will make that particular could be attacked that he could happen from now there. So you're just basing this on the story your sister not recently told. Nothing has come up on FaceBook or you haven't seen Michael Kidd and it looks like your husband Andersen yeah just from her very. Apparent. I haven't seen anything and I just. Particularly now. And say you have surged this other woman. I'm sure and come up short. Like our teamwork and it would open. I. Guys your sister alive even know that your contacting us why oh okay. OK so when we contact Brittany. We can't say it's from Melissa. Why can't say it's. Because usually the person you're calling knows the person who's looking for. I mean we. It's estimated five that she has my name actually going to be a Christopher. Over me. I think if we just called Britney. And say hey. We're calling on behalf. A woman who is married to diabetes and okay and did not identify her this is what we acted out of Christopher. Why don't you wanted to play here. OK so if Britney says no I didn't have a kid with Christopher right. But she's gonna obviously get this weird phone call from my house yeah probably call crisper which then gets back to Melissa and Youkilis and trouble for digging. I moved yeah. You know I'm saying so if Britney says yes I did have a baby with Christopher but he doesn't know it. Then we have to go back to Alyssa and then she can blow the whole thing there is again. I was playing in my mind if not I can't. I think that's a gamble you have to take that we act say that it maybe we can try to avoid saying her name that we have to say Christopher's current wife. Okay I'm. Are you down with analysts and work we just say a woman currently in Christopher's life. At tactics thank you for me but also so we'll committing important details. Think gray version of is Greg's. I am so glad I bought it. And I I just. Logo ghost hunting at this time tomorrow woke call Brittany on behalf of a lifts and find out if britney's got herself. Beta with blitzes has been. Sell stock in 94 blind.