Ghost Hunting: David is Married But...

Tuesday, August 23rd


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Tracking down people who have ghosting if you want. It's slowly and don't tell. Yesterday at this time we all heard of from Mandy Mandy get a divorce a couple of years ago and is ready to main goal. Specifically when her high school boyfriend David that she hasn't talked to him like two decades. So we are ghost hunting and tracking down David. Only about tracking him down this time we knew how to find them but we're just helping her. With awkward conversation of that is he single and. And you see is he as it is over and sit and you know reuniting with his high school girl. All right Mandy ready for this. You get to listen and we will make a phone call and and we welcome back to you see him and. In year while I call it. Calling. David. I. The. I hate it. This is Jack and Jeff is Jeff contention at stern any for a one in Atlanta. We are calling it because we've been since on a mission by an old friend of yours specifically. High school girlfriend. Do you remember me Andy. Yeah it got me out today. That it. It's pretty obvious one well Mandy is gone through a lot in life and heads you know moved away from the town re guys grew up and now in her life is looking back and thinking about you lot and just wanted to him. Find out about what you're life is like now and what Europe's. Well. When you're start like I get down. A little did you see. And I'm there chief the staff are lawmaker. What else you want it now Chris iron and Mary. Man I hate. You know I'm I just got married. Yeah via. Thank you thank you grade. Obama on Wednesday truly. June night great. It. A Mary. About a year ago raised and it becomes. Law. Here that I'm sure it. But ran out it then that's been really great art beyond. Our man Chris I I would. Thinking about married forever Alec Saturday and now I remember in here rather them point 22. Married in all that up and crawl. You know you eventually bought all that. Soon but I'm so you were. So are you saying that you are much kind of waiting for. Her. You know I think. You know the Angel that it's. I mean everything. The recruitment and this is going to be in the B area. Yeah the and a. Yeah okay well. Yet so while loudly here about. Her rant about. Well I am certain. Again our. Well. I think we can pass a mass message back along to her there's anything that you doubted. Can today. Yeah there. It. I I don't know I think about paralyzed and it I shouldn't anymore. Let you know maybe you should reach out a year ago. That I hope she's well wonder polite and navy are. And I'm. I probably shouldn't yeah. Have you not you then yeah you do that especially during the honeymoon period that's actually I've. Yeah I've I meant very you know here's something right. You know I don't do. Something platonic. Exactly exactly. Thank you David appreciate it. Yet thank you congratulations. And thank you lord and I. OK I Annie again at hand. Are right we're gonna come back in just a few minutes and check in with mainly. Which are quick impression of that and is that we cannot give her his phone number all right well gentlemen Mandy or three minutes and the jet engine Sistani fluent. Full time this week she's on installing now. It's yeah enjoy yourself.