Ghost Hunting Cassidy & Carolyn Part 3

Wednesday, January 25th


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He's running get itself in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Straight coming overlook knocks. Justin. Cassidy about to join us here behind the captain James kept changes this and I call her friends more. O'Hair her Grammy girl Florida and older make careless about. Choose wetter than Caroline to when she moved out of there Florida. And Caroline and completely denied having possession of this. Yeah machine even think that it was actually cast these latter a Cassidy welcome back to the champ. I. And how did you feel listening to that. I didn't like red you're planning to salute my brother and should end it. Now. Well. What do you student Janet she's denied it. Do you think she's just has so long she's forgotten that it came from somewhere else. Yeah I think so and determined there and that it's early in the language we don't care enough kids to pick up there. Yeah. Yeah now it's odd having this follow up conversation this third part of goes setting about people's feelings when it's only as. Newsletters are you had a chance to have her favorites one of the Fed pass letters she's got confirmation Cassidy still wearing them. Yeah okay. An important to me you know and and I think they check the weather AmeriCredit and that it important meal out. Memories of the trip planner and. And I thought it did but. Should sentimental you know. What's your favorite memory with that sweater. How can I named it named. When how well that Florida and what are burned into our anti there and now. My grandmother college years I would slant pattern. I'm announced he is in my day a time and. I'm sorry we couldn't get back here and is now just letters. She would even admit that they were errors. All well thank you. Thank you for brain as tennis. They inking a very bad idea welcome. This is what we detest. I'll read it tracked down Los clothing jammed down our Eddie Nancy her parents they're all so proud all right thank you Cassie. I think we and I thank you. Accretion of some shopping for newsletters there's something. She's really attached to that. A lot of I think so I think is the memories in that slash I didn't want to insult her but the chiefs does sound like at one point she is crying a little bit them. Part of this matter. Here it just never even a sleeve to wait for tutors time okay. I got a question for you that yeah okay. Have you ever had something in your life that just reminded you of something they've had a such a memory attaching had to get it out of your house. I had. This one shirt that I wore on a first date with somebody in the first day went so badly. That I couldn't look at that sure in my closet ever again without thinking of that bad date. That's another woman thing I never wore it again and then after two years of looking at MI cause I'm if I get rid of this thing has every time I look at it. I've these bad date memories. I would be removed from my life that I don't remember the bad day if I I would be fascinated in those stories. If we open the phone lines up for those. If we can take sporting. Sports out of it because you know people have lucky socks and jerseys at UT shirts and so they always have to Wear. We're very teacher for certain game here on I mean yeah so we take sports out of it. I would be fascinated to hear of their people emotionally at the you can because as I don't think any guys will call his I PME and a good way or and it really bad way 404. To six the rate. 094 line. Tell us about. Your bond with cockpit without a yeah it comes next for you any. And she I'll still are ready for our.