Ghost Hunting Cassidy & Carolyn Part 2

Wednesday, January 25th


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Tracking down people who have Goss did you want. It's slowly don't tell. Just stepping on the death intention it's usually when we might keep ball. Who have disappeared out of you'll see what everything goes did you. New to figure out why. In the world happen you just disappeared. Well this week we're good timing for me that she's knowledge can persons. She's looking for her clothes. She wants or sweaters back so fast thing are right I Cassidy we have found Caroline we have information she's agreed and sort of on a week off. 000. And he'll be out listening and as we call her and demand and you are banana republics of letters back. And Jeanne is given Jan normally. Execute that goes thing which he's given me permission to to do investments and very excited. I don't know if in the history of ever with any girlfriends I've ever asked for any my clothes back that's so that's really don't know that I can bring myself doing it for Cassie and I totally get why Cassidy doesn't wanna be the one asked the question. Why irons anti confrontational thing but it's bugging meal it's not a conference and somebody somebody there returning well. Caroline didn't necessarily our issues packed up and assumed there. A lot like it'll. Dug dealer at a time I'm gonna call. It arrow out are and we're putting you on hold. Yoga into this whole conversation and. Connecting me and he handles. It. But. To. I Carolyn how are you. Think it's it's Jeff calling from the Jeff's engine channels are any Frontline Atlanta howry and Ted kid airline intends hears you. How old pages real quick. We're doing it as segment on the radio that involves. You obviously and something that happened like a couple of years ago. Hey he's ever remain named Cassidy. You had a couple of sweaters. Banana republic sweater she had a couple of banana republic sweaters they got mixed up in your staff. When you guys moved out of the apartment at Disney are in Florida or wherever alliance. OK eight gangs. She kind of forgot about him but as you assign based book that you're weren one of those letters that I out of Roberts writers. Sushi wants them back so I was just. Calling you to find out the best way to do it is sweaters back. For her. You. Yeah OK I I don't really think I only needed. Captain Blatter. I mean. I like forever ago now I don't think it took them turning pain. She says that really you guys are moving out she went to you overnight adamant he sweaters that are battery public sweaters I know at the FaceBook one. The picture the face but one is like ray went dark gray or maybe it was maybe it's lack and it's needed now. There's really forever it's like Arabic clothing even I don't have it on but I acutely. Now I took them right or even know where out of sweaters. He says there is all accident and you packed them up. And then when she's a humorous writers crap I've packed them I'm Mallon to you. And you never games you wanna be weird and ask you form at odds of this. And he isn't gonna Wear that it. They stepped up my clothing on. Only not really yeah her clothing. In theaters. And I have. Anything that belongs to catch these are not really Agassi and. Hit. It's so. I mentioned would. Maybe about. I mean we just Wear different sizes up close than people are correct I believe and I don't think I. Good happening saying that I would I don't know anything that would let me. I. OK so let's just talk about the ones sweater. With in the face a picture. Okay. So there's a picture of all there's a picture view on FaceBook. At like. I don't know the ligaments and at a brewery I would assume just based and it's a core. And it's involved and it's a picture view. And and three other girls. And you're the only Brunette. You're wearing a gray sweater and that picture and that sweater is capacities. It's according to Cathy CC think that others injured again but I mean I. He didn't need them permanent public and certainly doing and got a moderate action where's that where's that sweater from its door. Well I guess that could go look at my car but I get home and play. If guys are really pay attention to make. Disciplinarian like they didn't really that big of a deal to lean years that area really want something. And that her. I think this has been bugging her. So when you're talking about how you guys are on the same size are we talking about how big discrepancy insides are a small discrepancies as like where. You probably fit on the numbers and ignited on terrorism. Amy's you know Lumix. They did decent discrepancy there. I mean I I don't like Democrats harsh or anything but a closer look at that. They would look right on the they would just be a bit. Read different sizes a couple of years ago. Matta I haven't seen in three years maybe he's changed your lifestyle I don't know. I mean it's Procter and the energy click. I literally. So there's no chance you're sending that sweater assume. That you're not gonna package in that view I. Now I'm not going do it now. Letter is not heard that I have no idea where he probably. Intended to hurt and where are you cutting down on top of the. I'd thank you. Card on time. On the banks Karen. Oh and I. Out idea. I'd add. A tank. In your investigative. Triad and whenever she wasn't even admitting that wasn't hers and I even knew anything about it. Welcome back in three minutes pick up Cassidy and maybe it's not maybe Cassidy. His thought about it in realize that it could she have mixed and a you'd just been a mistake. Welcome back in three minutes and talk to Cassidy. Wrap up the sweater edition of ghost Manning and the jet engines you know disparity for one. Solidity. Just. Are seldom were they until then can do. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants.