Ghost Hunting Cassidy & Carolyn Part 1

Wednesday, January 25th


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Tracking down the people who have goes debut on. It's slowly and don't tell. Ghost writing I'm suggesting change we've done it. Several times. And they're all pretty basically disappears anyway if we find that person right we tracked down we ask him why he posts get into Korea. Change today. We are hunting for. Sweater. How would ask this will matter where you go all right you might be able to explain this more. And I cut it by it and we are about to talk to Cassidy okay. Years ago she loaned a friend drivers a piece of clothing. There was never returns. And it is dogging her ever cents and she wants is to get the sweater back this. Wetter and coasted okay I see this happens all the time with girlfriends Larry you just ask the girl for the sweater back. I don't know it just starts to feel weird. But your sweater it's like possession is nine tenths of the law. But 00 I know it doesn't make sense to guys the two girls you feel me right. So I came in with day by two of JP was actually went down idea but he in my office yeah and then. And in the next day and have a vacuum I paid for your memory back in my office. You just. I don't know why women don't have all questioned it's our I don't know it feels weird they Cassidy welcome to the Japanese and champ. You had a gallon we are ready that goes times freer sweater. Sweater and I'm like 09 inning. OK so who's tires latter Puerto Annika. My friend I met one man friend that I pure military in Florida but you're getting. And down. All cylinders pumping out and together we know a lot together and she took my primary one relaxed. Lou back impact things then. You must equipment addict I was I would I would like other about it but never really short and I are they what you learn much either lot or like. Should we give them back you know. And down on the intelligence training. So how long I guess how long ago resisted this happen. Year ago. But just recently you saw them on pace her wearing. Yeah I bet you're scrolling through like a sack again. Did you ever actually loan her the sweaters. Or did you just assume that they ended up in her moving boxes. Because they disappeared from your world. When I when I lastly a couple of bailing out like. Taking my stock and over southern and out like hey you know I think that yeah I actually do all the pack your milk he had got. You know. Associate says she admitted. To taking your sweaters wins do you win you moved out but and you just never heard from. And are you guys still friends. Yeah we're we we don't really. Talk amateur right now on. You know world I am what will mean I mean linking it to go to them they looked. I've Fran it's got one of my leather jackets from two years ago and I for whatever reason won't ask for her pack. Even though I really don't Wear sometimes annoying. I don't understand why women walk out by you looked. Ask for a fact as I know that in my closet I have one of her shirt hanging and it's not that I haven't returned it intentionally just it's it's in. Do you have anything of hers and he just make it's and a goes having babies is now a little sloppy stuff. Back now I don't I don't know I never heard. That ten capacities and I hate I am not a thief. Karen lane is a beef. Ironically. It and that there really eaten down at all anymore I. Another question. Part of a extremely expensive like they made from the belly Arum the rarest of camels or something. I'm from banana republic. Not expensive but it's just annoys you and you want her to send them but you don't wanna ask her for them you want us to ask. I I well. And try to wrap my head around this mystery this hoo female. Mystery. Did it at the female you expect people to it could be you now regulate. Did you get back you know like. I exactly know I have the they have them on and on you know back. Poll do you think that she believes that there Ers letters it's been so long. If she squatted Adam again squat vacant lots of long enough the give you a land. OK Kathy so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna call your old roommate and ask for your clothes back Jeff promises he's going to be the want to ask and I'm selling general do that here at 730 while you listen then. That is coming on the Jeff intentions aren't any for one. I have great after this is in just three minutes we gonna catch up with Courtney who told us that January 23 yesterday. Is a first day for error for her and her boyfriend will find out how went this morning and the Japanese and yeah.