Ghost Hunting: Angelina hunting Mr. Jacobs Part 3

Tuesday, November 1st


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Thanks for making this wedge to adjusted cash OnStar in 941 and agent we're gonna grab some phone calls before you pick up financially and people really like teachers who make Angela welcome to the shall. Yeah. I do not like it's not at all okay so are you only want to talk to her if she's on point. And then. Flint let diagonally into her. I think you know. Aids I've Greenberg I would imagine you do you neck and I think is a teacher you would love to hear from student. Who. Who you impact. Who's you'd made it different than and I think after when he. She called the crises around and she made another can be Nader no it. I. You know we want to talk to because you aren't really can't say it always keep on point and let me talk that are ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. I Juli welcome to the edge of contention how audio. Wow and how you play I'd heard good I believe and love in Jackson and ins gross. I don't even aware art I don't think an air what I. Thought he held a girl and she's not a one on the right. And now do you want to know about a new admitted he'd stick around. Yeah. Wow fantastic stuff. I don't know how to say leaving about Kelly welcome division. Oh my god not even I acts at our at all I'm a teacher and and the fact that he had been representing our profession as. Where buying so I'm not all the normal people in the world out there heard yeah it's not act like a so unprofessional. Even ten years later sorry that this. Even I agree with all other girl like. Okay. Are you limited me Aristide. On clean that he wasn't a case it was unclear like digger whatever like these that and I'm bored and want to keep saying I'm like. So clearly have no intention that the you know the bad I understand that girl like or appreciate on the inside and hurt her valued at that you meant I think impact. And not gonna be just about music theory. Clearly not clearly not they're going to be discussing nine point. Yeah well certainly that means certain point and if. Good. People that smoking he had and it is time to. Checking in Angelina. Good morning your thought. I know he sounds kind of like O Lugar. I can't seem to break you know the fact that like a duck wanna let see how he's doing and kind of connect and an adult way. Because he left that impression on me. I am what I call so it kind of like that curiosity factor I mean. Yeah I granted he did he found out it wasn't very compelling. Yeah interview that kind of like you had a lobotomy or something I'm now back. I hadn't had that curiosity got the cat and the thing. But he. He did creep you out. I mean yeah but and they get away. Well and reach out and that way. I don't think so my victory around the edit like a cat one that get like under the hood the epidemic. Who are you really can I have this whole connection that him and the you know high scorer and I am really wanna know. I like Quebec and you know I could bear some well yeah I and it's a bad but I didn't want to make it eclectic and I married a guy had a. But at all right Andy Johnson hit the par where he's got a girlfriend of seven months now. Now. I'll let. I'd read bella got the ball kind of bad and they're in between relate to that where we're like okay they're all have a good time but they're not that there is the love of my life and. I'm not saying that it'd be. Back I think back it up that you any harm like you're meeting I can turn it more like. Just wanna connect you know and the Hui head of an adult. And get a little more for a like a closure that it actually had a saying in May be returned the imagination of bad and then it. You know doesn't go anywhere beyond that I'm not trying to be at home wrecker. How I just thought you sounded so creep I was convinced we are gonna pick you up and realize wow. That's not the man married members. And being. Let's send high well blame diehard you know trying to shape right. Okay what are when other years I just think that what you have in your mind your memory has created this guy into something that. Is not what we just heard on the ground isn't this the equivalent of light. Going back to your racecar reunion and finding out that the guy you went to prom wage is now. Back in ball. And. And yet but. I want to be a girl that showed and you like what. You were her and then he light jog bra and it like. Yeah. And I. Had it all look like contrast. You know annual fantasy completely Wear out your Mac related write it and I had about a non stop. I Angelina and then just to. And just so we're on the same page here he lives in a different city you know that right. So yeah yeah so you'll travel to him. What a lot of traveling. Anticipate future was there are right and we please keep us posted and let your conversation and definitely. I think it's called thank you and Kate thanks Angelina I won't. Little scared for a guy. I'm shocked that she wants it for race hate Kathy thanks Rick on a jet engines and with that. Good morning well first I have to sit in my heart what I would our home I had to your breath and the conversation I was I was. Freak out if you heard to listening to him and. But the Porsche even I like she knew that ballot agency want you go to recruit that seat sperm. On point person that shot at it wasn't in high school but still. Giving him. You know well as all ego boost but he obviously doesn't need. And I I don't. I don't see any big battle I mean if you know he obviously now intrigued. So badly that at bat and donating go that it not her up and. Knock on May occur whatever operations you make herself very well local. That bank. Giving him some sort of do it. Growth. You know. Bailing out on it I just I haven't great outlet and I mean and the good news. You don't have a I. It's they bring you unrealized you sitting on an ant hill yet there yeah and all Hillary. You my friend I would physically restrain her from going to meet up with him that hey flat tires and economy. Paperback Ed thinks that comes out. And Ariel and it three. Yeah I actually on the I. It creator really well and I ain't no treat it and that the that he won't be at least least you'll follow up I want art that the GP. At what what what academic. What's the follow up and you just thank seemingly. Every may not know about the ex girlfriend I felt like wearing a LA and CKE. Mail. Also a look at that girlfriend technically isn't an ex girlfriend does this current growth for a girlfriend who has no idea and and eighth and runs right. Yeah I think yeah taxes but he's definitely not in and I again is that he's intact. As when she goes back yeah. I hope that. I think she wants and build this teacher. And a SeaWorld she's got made up her mind. But when she actually sees him in person to realists see him for who he is. To some scientists. Create with it hey April. That and I actually think she shared our current. Bidders saying they. I'm not particular about addiction that I had a crush on high school. But I. Loc contact with him I got married had children are dragged out of the port in years later I reconnect in that has. That he would that there would are still marry he thought anyway. Granted he was. Little better than that and I pulled back I would be able to get that out of my own any move. Yeah I. As the realities not going to be with the fans the isn't harboring. Nobody knows you get fat on her own she's not gonna get out and have it lets you move on another issue that much better person that I. Yeah and I thank you for the call April. We will definitely put it on the list to make your follow like at least at the end of this week. And find out if she did actually call him and it's heated at that time tonight where there we can do that and Hamels the news from medicine say she was gone after Thanksgiving. I don't know at the end of the month there's something sometime. So we will will do a follow up with her by the end of the week and Seaway. Well. A yeah. Bloody minded and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook search star in 941 Atlanta.