Ghost Hunting: Angelina hunting Mr. Jacobs Part 2

Tuesday, November 1st


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Star editorial board. Tracking down that people who have ghost did you want. You don't tell. We are just having this week on the jet engine check before and Angelina who wants to track down a a former teacher. Six she had about ten years ago she was hot for teacher in high school. And she wants us to track him down. Find out what's on his legacy married single could see even remember her as the Concord music theories singer students. So we are tracking down mr. Ben Jacobs today. Welcome back to the show Angelina. I had an. I rights though that the exciting news is we have been able to find him. I'll wake up. And OK okay I'm narrative unlike. Playing over here Allie ash OK I would do and that's. I think I'm sure you've heard the segment before buy it for anyone who hasn't the way we're exes we put Angelina on hold. And she. We will talk to mr. Jacobs even though. Bird doing some romantic. We're hot for teacher goes on myself we need to comet property. And we well I'm. Guy. Talked it's mr. Jacobs and and welcome back to Angelina after she gets the list and that conversation and find out what she and any erratic. I am I ready yeah I'm putting you on hold and calling it. And the stunning news. Everything. It. I don't know what we say you're in town and even the app. And that it. ISIS' and let this aid and assist and an adjustment and show on sanity for one minute and a Howard you. We are tracking me down today not to you we segment on our show. Called ghost sensing where we checked on people that have disappeared out of other people's lives. And we are tracking you down today for a somebody really specific. From your past and this mania blast from the past awfully excited about this mighty mighty sooner. It's because they want me to members that are. It's done. Understand that you are really great music theory teacher. There. Unity for quite awhile now. Yeah. Have been decent for about fourteen years. Okay well and their early years and you're more of a teaching assistant you had as students. Who has not stopped thinking about you since high school and has been about ten years. Her name is Angelina. And she said to tell you that she was one of your music theory singers. She was in your class and she's about seventeen and she said you might remember Turkish she failed everything tissues so nervous to be around to. Where yeah offense. I'm not sure if her name is Regina Belle isle and she said pick and choose an editor's it's agency issue where. Baggy coats but she is 54 blind Angelina music theory singer. Alan. Or brawn to. Broad mentioned a little more specific I mean. What do you what else that you look like. Once we won't know and so this is Lauren Coste in the seat like probably look at them that you say here. Yes he said that she was kind of an. A strange stage of life so that you always Wear kind of baggy clothes and stuff. But she didn't really tell us a whole lot more than that. Seated they are it was ten years again. Ten years in Europe. Though. It didn't there used to be like director of the bureau you know like. Well. You know she's this little boy oh Idaho I yeah I don't know that a lot of women who would describe themselves that way yeah. Well in the past I don't know the seat so that cease safeties. Like hard now to go to. Yes that's a scenes I think. Her exact quote was she is on point now so Fatah. While she's unemployed now on the gas tax blonde silent or. A lot of people felt I was taught teacher felt a lot of people trying to remember. What should now look like that she said she taught now. And so walnut. And here's the other question that she had for you was what she's gonna wanted to catch up with deal final is going on your life right ash can. You know find online or whatever through old classmates. They were just curious what your life is like now. Yeah you know she's alive and it. All right so I opened the occasional long lived outside of world war and look at that so you know I stay active. And there are. Are you at the Marriott. Were you know I got a girlfriend. Didn't see him you know. Even a little little wild but it I don't say it some serious felt. So that's something that you would do it like catch over the former student that's not like a weird. Professional weird they. And it's been ten years has probably has been ten days you know I mean. Yeah. Yeah again they had that that's so cool I mean that she's gunpoint I'd go look you know a couple of them we actually you know. Yeah it would it so yeah. I've. How how do you have a girlfriend. He had ever I ever grow I had been dating a little law. Are you guys. Yeah it was close. Oh well. Yeah I guess and then we are but again I don't I don't know that this is the one so I mean. We've been together probably about seven months. Have you ever reconnect with other students in the past as anybody else like tracked down and no this is a weird way to track people down on the radio that. Has anybody else ever tracked you down. I mean allegation and I've had troubles couldn't sort of you know we've got to me that if you know now doing a pretty good living and being a musician you know. And this sort of sit back and looked like somebody who's been fighting over me you know. As you might not be climbing it might just be at just maybe just wants to reconnect. Now if at all possible here but you guys did say that she'd been nervous in the second round and so I mean. And nickel. You know we can acquit her and can see how that he's known actually works and what's on her life. It all right so will give heard your phone number here and just a few minutes and then she can reach out to you whenever you out at time. All the all won't. I can't think certain non tests mister Jacobs. Thank you so much. That. Pulled looking frank Beck has totally growth and guys. Why in the world Angelina be pine away for ten years over some mainly he might mattered and that way. Ten years ago you don't know him he's your teacher. He seems a 45 minutes every day every other day I mean again I cannot wait skewers it's time well I come right back here in three minutes pick up the phone and talked to Angelina about that the one that got away. But mr. Jacobs music theory teacher her senior year was you know a school that day are seeing here of bicycle. Well I see if she's interested in still getting his phone number next and the jet engines him. Start any world. Star in 941. That.