Ghost Hunting: Angelina hunting Mr. Jacobs Part 1

Tuesday, November 1st


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Tracking Della people who have ghosting if you want. It's slowly and don't tell. Sitting on the jet engines now is where we track people who had disappeared out of your life and it's driving. You gotta find out why. Today we're going to be listening for Ian Angelina welcome to the jet engine chat Hank. I probably. Thank you give him my kids love you for bringing us at this time today. The yeah I've looked at the end. So I have. I have requested that subject you are back. About ten years ago I did I had like the biggest crush on him when my he sure. And high school. And you keep the line and it was like every time I note that every time like he did he keying error we had to go over like. And exam very thing I would like sonar that total let. I would like to clam up and and I look I was a body felt hot and honey don't feel like kind of let out of I don't know if he can score what ever more like you can look at. And I can't think from time to time and what he's doing it he's doing Roland what people lie then it would be really. Exciting to kind of connect with him like as a one but now and not like inaugural weird girl. So each night to stock in companies not. I don't know I have but I can't find out. And maybe it's easy teachers stays off of social media. Our keeps this super light out item anywhere. I is this arm and Atlanta area school or are you are researching out of town but you live here and. Did I. You noted that it town that small town actually outside of it stands now. Hey did you check to it and you hear other her classmates. I have I've done my my aren't diaper. Stock is and it cut in the united. He can't he went that he could look at that and well I don't it's a little harder to track down you know. Does that mean a slight like a doctor like he did his. Residency at one to go all and then once he was proven to be. Talented he went to another school. I have no work and he might still be at school district I don't know if he's like upgrade cycle blunt position. I'm not sure. OK so Angelina and if and when we track him down at. How do we remind him of who you are because I'm jury's out a lot of students throughout the years in now. Not a good point. I happen to the locker. I can't today and I guarantee you had and what the music theory class. And. She was a hang her move could never. Understand art get material because like I can I never like I like predictable they felt class until the look all the crap are they look at that you really lunar. And the other part was. Got. He was you know it was truly aren't that many couldn't play together than it is girl she's seventeen you think America. I'm here to pay attention Kimmel flunked every cast. I don't know that they'll bring about. A really bad and I had a. And is. Watched Andrea singer music theory class. And I what's his name. And that is Jacob. And I think when you're trying to. Track him down for romantic hot spots. First they thought. Does a good point. I believe it would lead to bad. Mr. Ben Jacobs music theory and who grew into Houston Texas. Comment for aria yeah. Yeah so hard. Guy from what I under I mean and directory bound elderly and I think it is theirs talking about it. Yeah. And and Angelina. It sounds weird that I am and ask you this as you anyway which again physical description. There's an or physically describing you as a seventeen year old he said this awhile ago due due to ice down okay asking for like. You're at night air all our. Tan and. Oh I went I mr. memorable moment like. I would always kind of clash that I I wouldn't know weird awkward stage a war like big bag because I am a blonde girl out fight or argue their case I would. And secure played them one day air war. Like I did Wear my big bag eco has like that it shirt on and he had. You look really nice today and I'll like follow day. How does like I I definitely need it now where the bag because anymore you weird Al. I did I really I didn't know it went and that would have allowed an awkward and what exactly because. Except for odd damned gang. That wind. That was the day battle. Yet a blonde girl fight for. Why aren't. OK so Angela only tracked him down we're obviously gonna ask if he remembers you and then you want us to find out his status is the you know married with children and as a single is out. You know a kind of. I like what you wonder what he's thinking would be midnight with a TV deal. I'm. An art that I mean I just thought about it for ten years that it got bad okay good ticket and a. I give his 44 hours to try to track him down hang. I give us reverse it try to track him down and then I'd tomorrow at this time we'll have you back and that's you know. And we will call Miami and yoga to listen in the conversation. I. And up front end where something form fitting like crap. And I'm mr. Now pilot. So I would I would gunpoint now a totally different now. That was knocked it Amara this panel gang. That's goes timing that's how it goes hunting starts. And I tomorrow morning at this time if we find mr. bandit Jacobs. Of Houston Texas. He will be on with us and Angelina will get the listening to that conversation. Tomorrow morning at this time on the jet engine ships are only 41. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Strip come and overload off the jet engine Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.