Ghost Hunting: Angelina Finally Meets Mr. Jacobs

Monday, November 28th


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My life. Did you change and to get Shula in this morning. Finally for a lot. The idea Angelina update is and that extra necessary and good reminder that the game tickets are available to people in Atlanta and I'm. Or you can win your tickets at 11 o'clock this morning with Heather brain. I've. Where are we Sara and he had lets us over there it's let's move through this quickly so we needed to what everybody wants now. I enjoy your calls out for ghost town in a few weeks goes back in. Last month yeah actually call the Sutton said I want you to track down. Guy that was a teacher's assistant when I was senior in school mr. Jacob mr. Jacobs and we called him while she listened and and he was. Creepy. Well it would seem a little more specific domain. But what else that you look like. Once we won't know and so that you aren't codes in the seat like probably look at them it's you say there. Mr. Jacobs just sounded creepy. Fixated honor yeah yes I mention the fact that he had a girl. Yes and I think in my opinion he is a serial killer man. That your reading between the quiet and you're reading under the mustn't. So. We talked Angelina on the Friday before Thanksgiving. And asked her for. And update because she said that she was gonna go home before the holidays. Or for the holidays and when she went home she was gonna see him while Thanksgiving holiday Nina and she was going home. I get back I bowl a deadly campaign. Inquiring minds want to know I have to meet at I mean I got family out there. I better read an iconic don't don't go out and getting back we're definitely gonna hang out yeah he algo. Did you have any contacts. Significant contact with him since the radio segment. The name you know any you know I don't think we know it into my crede or and but I'm I'm trying to get around a little bit. Of weight so he asked you for a photo. Is that you guys in exchange photos. Bobby if you want to make sure you remember there aren't a lot of guys I don't like end market big in high quote out. Accounting change that mountain main course and by higher now he. You know. And I look at an outlet Atlantic cannot write about what committed. It's. Oh varying options so anyways she has stepped to do this morning and tomorrow morning. And the next morning we wouldn't be able to talk to her until the end of this week and that's unacceptable that's lazy on so we grow over the radio station yesterday. And I called her and recorded the conversation. Between her. I'm so nervous to hear how this land she's alive and Netscape net you know first things are certain but here is odd that brief conversation with Angelina. About her visit. Mr. today. Well and national I think I am uncertain. Each. He doesn't quite look the way I remember when you look we're really like to share his eat lunch he he's a he's got the attraction gone a little. Little later on on. Any any guy you got it right he had creepy factor you really want it hard to kind of like one or there are in the end. And it would clearly weren't really connect me and I'm you know pregnant latter I tell the jury did it on him and into early program anywhere like. Question and then getting out and don't look like I think you are going to be some random bizarre cook out and you know not let that go off the table that everybody and that will agree to like in county to do that so I can't play. Now hold I know you. We're joking with Jen and I both on the Friday before you laugh about all this preparation and his stuff you read down and like. Or you're going to meet with him to hook up with him. I mean you're joking about it review. And I don't only just like. And I could date you know Atlantic I want to get you know but I'm not an outlet. The reality is. I want it there connection and then I would really I never have liked all the late. High paying in the anti tackle on what he you know let that light and they don't know about him and a COK. Great going on. So I have to say actually believed and that the thing that I hope to see you know look at our political and edit. You know you should ear. RR or if you heard from him since then. Jackie knew what they want you know like when they need it again another can't grow back and busy. You know I felt like I wouldn't enter it. If you're not well probably that probably well. I probably was a few heart of a stretch. Kelly you lived there might be digging in my channel are creepy guy like actor. Creepy and sad. Did he creepy touch you and I'll like did a hug. And hands to was it to loan. Liked a lot you get like a long. And then Mike. He calvary Catholic Church right back in Armitage. And I think acrobat you know eight that he wasn't talking huge bearing normally connecting blood like either question. You're kind of looking at me I think he got the candy let them like. I'm leaning on a platter and I mean again. I would open to that I heard a speech. Capped at where local day care weird we're glad you look at that guy. All right let's call so let's just cut the chase. You are not aimed at him because he. Is not is physically attractive is you Don Hewitt. If he was hot all that that he'd be doing would be cool. You know way back into my. You can't beat everybody Abby was always no and the creeping back and you could do that I can't do both. Yeah he he wouldn't want to mess and you curriculum so I had it had to walk. I bulked out. I and they have a thank you for taking us you're a creepy field that. Will. Guide to thank you by. The vault. Can't get is that where over obvious that take away from today's jet engines. And you can't give me with the at least and be creepy that go over there at. Yeah saviors did you. And that knocked it out Al luck and happy and knocked out here and these German Asia today and Angeli. I think creepy this thing you know in that case is. A. He's running get a still in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And strip come and overlook knocks. Justin.