Ghost Hunting: Amber's Reaction to Victoria

Wednesday, May 25th


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Jesse James shells. On selling 941. We are ghost hunting this morning and on his. A goosebumps story it's all about amber. And how she was. Kid too when she was thought of by her to choose trying to different find her long lost friend Victoria from her childhood. We just found Victorian talk to her similar and can get amber back on the phone hey amber. Poll so what do you think we hurt did you hear all that. Yes that's amazing. How cool we see about it she did think it's something was really weird ON. They went on vacation and came back and you and your dad and your semi emerges gone. I forgot about. What I knew that she was gone bad bank didn't say I bet I can. Well you know I remember. Watching this on his community not appear. Soon and then suddenly I wasn't bad that they are in. A. That is crazy what's with what's he about it too I think once you and Victoria get on the phone together and start putting back the story together. Now that you know what was going on back after that it's just going to open up all of these places in your memory that may have been closed for a long time. Oh absolutely. While that may think thank you so much you welcome and we will give you obviously all her information and give her your information will do and I'll off the end and we please keep us posted and Annette. Connection in any reunion or anything like that. I get nervous oh you're very welcome. Thank you so much. That one's a little bit different Jen that's of those crazy intense that's awesome though. So cool really awesome because that's like a big chunk of her life so I'm guessing she feels like was totally missing. Now the Victoria's back in her life. It's like filling in the gaps of her memory I just I'm so excited they're gonna connect. And I like to really do wanna do a follow up and find out about. The conversations that. Amber has withered Victoria's parents you know saying totally think that'll be really fascinating. Goes sending if you ought to be a part of it emailed Jan. Yeah hit yet gentle pats are 941 Atlanta that fumbles he we contracted for. Full time this week she's on installing them. It's. All so.