Ghost Hunting: Alyssa's Reaction

Tuesday, June 28th


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So star in 941. A list is endless and when we just called Britney on our latest ghost science and I am dying to hear her reaction to events let's say the air. Yeah I'm here no 88. I am. An actual work you that I ever thought it would be. Like this is where I had no idea how much and I had been having about it's like it's sealed it. Oakley has could be even looked at. Minus not sleeping bag did. Let it go. And did you hear her the end of the column that you re enact new York and. We. That I. It certainly makes it into your tribute at bats afterwards and asked for it and prediction. They'll. Are you with a bad deal. Got it I well thank you for bringing this yes I was a lot more anxious engines gone out that it. Just didn't know how to find the words I have made an OK you're great and I'm better and I. You know it can record are you act passed recently that. Summer camp rumors some folklore. Thank you Elisa. If you would like to go go signing like Alyssa did that you can do that just by shooting as an email and it either Jeff large and and star 941 Atlanta downtown we can go coast heading for you so morning it and jet engine you start any formal. When Jeff and Jim yeah. Months dollar and 94 law and.