Ghost Hunting Aaron Searching for Tiffany Calls 2

Tuesday, August 30th


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There are people actually nineteen Tiffany. Looking a little bit grey now the majority of us no way the Smart people Steve. And that welcome to the shelf. Thanks just just a quick switch around gap is chipping and AM yacht at all. Proud I hung up about is his life that was I changed him he's into the NSA. A national figure. Out sorry Steve and Alan get your comment on. Area on. And. And mean. I mean now in Atlanta. How I diet I didn't understand hey that. She'd write me. He did admit it and you should elect lit politician to run the ball that he would be if I can't and then I thought they are in the big guy he end up liking her how many companies there. They gave you that apparently liked all he's not they keep the baby is that there really are. Here's the question hey now how many what's the proper number of dates the you can go on before you're allowed to look at it. Thank you and five C XBLA state dinner at birth he can be last comments that he got. Hair lady is absolutely wrong and I never touched on our own medical wants what is that there. Trust them completely doesn't matter what he talks are ready and I'm totally I think gap on that lady and know that. And said that she was looking at two Catalina what talent girlfriend at the top. Well we don't know that because he didn't look at our own because he's got normal. Human being man. Ed Harris. And her husband of course to snoop on her husband but she ever date that's not shady I don't. Are you know you any orders and I know you. Fun with Internet trolls. Gonna Clair new favorite game of their next in the afternoon.