Ghost Hunting Aaron Searching for Tiffany Calls

Tuesday, August 30th


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Edmonton should now Taylor in Alpharetta hey. Let's go back. Well I think that. I'd bet that the that's what they're looking out upon being considered you know crazy girl but. The king met. Edited the sniping at every single girl without. And I did and at that bad does it is I'm by the Japanese sock it. It was every girl and I don't I guarantee they don't even cool normal girl AD. Has Don I get there the unity they will do it. I learned everything out there it's camera and a Taylor Taylor. On the first date she knew him for an hour worm hey. Well okay strict strict today maybe not by. If I was getting that I had that somebody. That it might be maybe texting about something that big you know eagle on the dating him anymore and I would get an opportunity whenever and I am not crazy and Allen Craig I'm back. I. Don't think about a month and teachers stay away. It long and actually believe it I'm an adult if it. They equate it. All right sergeant just birdied there but I agree that there just you know Taylor on this gal on the general guys scale. Taylor is about a salmon. Is crazy names so yeah literally a new name uniquely feeds it. Hey can veto would you please said Jeff straight here. Hey why keeping me about it slowly and then Powell. He dodged a bullet went okay. A bullet because it certainly didn't hurt you wish shallow Barry judging her and you know in owner per hour. Shallow that is the word I've been looking for. He tax issue whenever that is about it he had met the media that's not in my game. I hear god and the fact that it something with that idiot by her man. I don't know why that brands are political party that friends. What's so decree to. Your normally it point. All these Smart women on the show right now is Jeff does not. Dennis in Alpharetta. Yeah dot com. I'm definitely definitely would suggest this time. I understand. How guys who can be bought a hold and you know he was judging her and all that crap but let's be honest if it. A bank was open and you're OK I don't know cash register was open edit and invite you to go ahead and take all the money from it. You know the phone just because it may have been open doesn't give him yeah no right whatsoever. To go through its own. She tied the speed and not stealing my ajar she just candidate. Yeah I ears though it may lead judge everything and go about yeah. Gas engine shell.