Ghost Hunting 22.3 Aaron Searching for Tiffany

Tuesday, August 30th


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Tracking Della people who have goes debut on. So you can also. My ma ying issues. Unable even wrap my head around everything that's happening right now. Aryan houses up he goes at a gate with Tiffany. They have a great date and she disappears he wants an alliance that we ego goes tanning it turns out. I ended date she went through he is alone in found that he was text and a body about her and she didn't like what he was thing. I OK let me tell it from the other perspective and we added on ghost hunting for Aron is wondering my Tiffany's goes to them after date number one. Condit number one. Aron is awkwardly texting and then sets down his phone upside down and then. Goes to your ams so Tiffany being Smart now that was weird body language he's weird dude what was it taxing. Looks turns over the phone and looks that he's been. Telling his body that she wasn't really weekend hot material but she was OK if he had beer goggles on an insulting her appearance. So of course after that she goes took off told him I'm. Hey Aaron welcome back to the show and how are things I'm dodged a bullet island. At that point group I mean you and yet that that's crazy behavior I am but it's. Every woman falls on some sort of like an appearance scale for you and you. Odd that your guy bodies superficially. About the women you date do you not Zhang to retain women don't do that backed the guys out but it's. Us to be doing why you're sitting across from the girl. Actually did you send that text messages and even group. Again Genentech my my buddy from. Back home was actually means being heard on my first eight and I really had not help anyone at all and I. Exactly how is going she happened to be looking at a point in time to look like it has picked up our own Mike Graham and attacked pitched. And you know. Listen I think like everyone has initial physical attraction to people on varying levels and that doesn't mean that like the more you can also won them. You don't understand her personality to become way more attracted to you Assad rockets led element that's graduate we are like what I achieve attractive that you reject. In a Graham. What did you do you remember what you said in the message I verbatim. I don't remember her being critical from the goal line but yet she's a really attractive growth which she's not like we can go now are you know leak. And you know that kind of warlord initiate it come it. Don't work not only got like the way it was. Whitman Erin we're getting sidetracked as it is even manner. You can say whatever you want and the privacy of your own phone luckily enterprise let things conversation well yeah okay good that's healthy. Do you have a password on your phone. Yes which he must say I guess is picked it up really quick like. Let's since you obviously didn't care like I could I could turn right back around into the mud what you are all and then you can make it. I don't wanna I have no interest entity to seat aboard late as just blatant disregard to anyone's privacy read up about. That is the right answer. I'd just think it was marked on my seat yourself and this is so this is fantastic this. And my mind. Is I don't. Afterwards the process. But the phones are ringing off Aaron sorry that happened do you. Thank you. Sorry that yes. I suspect in the NC. And I thank you very much. This year. I'd for that is the farmers that are Linux or. 4047419400. Is that phone number but it's not like we have to wait for any from. A.