Ghost Hunting 22.1 Aaron hunting Tiffany

Tuesday, August 30th


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Tracking down people who have ghosting if you want. It's slowly and don't tell. Ghost timing as the public surveys arm of the Jeff and change now it's when you tell us about the person who disappeared out of your life. And then we track them down ask him where they land. And why. We had a redo all the difficult hunting for you and find out the reasons why this person just go studio. IJ and today we've got a pretty straightforward case. On the first day and and I am Spanish okay say hello to an nine. Oh. Regularly when he's an errant I was expecting a girl ER IA. AR oh man. Eight saying yeah credit. What's. And so I mean basically I'm super Newhan had been brought to mind so so I don't know a lot of people. Just let them program work himself send. The student Lydia were quick. Sort of you know were chatting whatever and she suggested that I meet her daughter in the country assess. Wood who's on animal until you know remember the resources sure hope you know gonna do whatever. So met her daughter this could this mean. All spoke to you like drinks and appetizers as a kind of hang it shows and we had a really time Jews really and I case. Speaker road. We've burning and often decides it's a dinner function. Which is cool we had been and you know straight I. Had a real next time I texture. She texted back changed arms buying whatever but you know I'm not there work. Mom looked in the grade I super cooled. And then and then I didn't hear from her anymore like after that mandate you know a lot of attacks I call there. Just not taking and and encourage they sort of figure out how many killed a total work and not getting kind of awkward drive from mom. And I did have been like I haven't heard anything and there's no discussion. Since and I didn't. I don't know I don't I don't know why it really goes to delist totally normal I had a really nice times in my brick event mr. chemistry there. Nothing weird on the day so I don't know a lot of. Arron was there a kiss on the today. And now under the in the get sort of like one of those sort of pass. Cheek kiss staying and I can't see enough I'm but it like you know there are definitely getting about senators like you know. I'd. And what about the relationship you have now with her mom is she being cold like maybe you did something yeah and her daughter war. She's just been kind of awkwardly to his she's really outgoing person in my arm and my. But her herb. Under approached and he has banned like not got going not so like it just didn't chatting with you mean just liked. It's really weird that you got to stop and then like never follow up about it. You know she was trying to play matchmaker. But she's obviously gotten the message from her daughter that it goes well and I see something yeah. And I voids when I'm curious is if her. Actions urges awkward uncomfortable because you try to match rate somebody it doesn't work you feel weird or if her actions site. Anger and maybe you said something inadvertently insulting but can you think of any thing that they would have happened during the course and I mean I'd. I try to rack my brain because I liked about the first product commission and there's nothing like that there is no. Like sensitive discussion in America being insulting not any gaming which is really like. Had a really meant a Democrat veteran understands it's a little bit and we ended up getting them so like going pretty well. As nice as a particularly being here. Is so weird. Nothing standing out TO OK so he wants death. Tracker down and find out. He says let you know what's gone on you said her name is Tiffany. Yes. All right well why it's not going to be hard to find her because Imus and a Sunday went so wrong she changed ought to contact info on these. Past we did so we're gonna target this time again tomorrow morning and may have room called the Tiffany. The engine shop. Gas engine shell.