GH part 3 09.13.16

Tuesday, September 13th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all in the. Now. We are in the middle. 83 ghost hunting as special because designing for Kelly he. City Canada Jenn hobby normally and nineteen. And I didn't say I won't say that I didn't think it was going to be awkward. But glare with and salt. We just talked to clean air she'd not one game. Eatery and the dog back so. Adrian welcome activation. And thanks for doing that he can't. And. Yeah it did the upside is the dogs and really well cared for. True. Yeah that's what she says that's. He sounds really mean in my opinion I thought I was a little salty Britain but Cali. In her defense she got a call out of nowhere with somebody basically saying hey. Give us your dog give give us our dog yup and minus Kansas and it really really nine UP. OK got it it's thought I'd called again it is settling on call aging right Phelan. I didn't know how I feel like I'm. Think she human and they were making stuff up like a whole week. Like a dog with an even a year older land cheap but that's not true. Like Rodman had cut out for almost two years together or whatever she kept a challenge of the week at Mary again. Or maybe Brad told her that it was a new or Dodd just for the sake of like oh we it was a crisis such a serious relationship between like a three B are raising a dog together you know with. Evan you and Brad as my I don't know we just Cotter may be lied to her and she doesn't know. And there's also a good chance that perhaps. The first time she did meet that god. Was when that god was less than your world. Like that I don't. I don't even wanna think about absolutely and I don't think there's a good person. To be perfectly honest with you okay. I digitally and moved it to me. Yes have you thought for a while that may be there was something because of how quickly they got together that was going on while maybe you were so with Brad. I'd like of course I thought about it and I I I tried a little bit and find out who that first. Actresses that you wanna know what's going on and what he's in what I do it. I don't it after a while though they. Can't. Think about that match. While maybe it's a good thing man meg has maybe ebony is like oh we heard earth. Amen not necessarily holding onto but that would keep a part of that relationship relevant and ally if so maybe it's a good times ago and adopt another dog and and start over brand new and Ambien could new mom you know verses lute having a dog that could potentially reminds you of coming right back and especially the girls in raising ebony for the past couple years. Beckett essentially make you feel salty towards a situation he announced. Yeah I guess I hadn't thought about it that way. Yeah additionally should you be British kept calling her. And we don't get. Yeah and injustice and that doesn't consider herself a parent when it comes a dog. Some people just hit some it would just like animals differently you know I mean like there so she just my nappy person but that doesn't mean it's not while cared for. Yeah yeah I know you're I know intellectually that I know you're right I know that your rate. Emotionally it's it's different. Yeah Alicia really kind of hoping that. Would be really implement it at the opera. Sorry. He says. Now yeah I mean you know I didn't what I need to do I can't I can't. It just stuck but it didn't go it. I bet it would have gone differently if Jenn hobby made the cob and how will ever to have no idea I really did try it as feel like it was awkward situation her. Heard get a phone call from us an emperor you'd hear her talking it's got to be kind of weird because that's an X-Factor of air but. I think in the grand scheme of things a silver lining is start fresh you know know that Evan using good hands even managed coming barrel. She's in good hands is taking care of she's well trained and love and now you can start ever with a new puppy needs a home so go to a shelter and and adopt a new puppy and needs some of. You have a ticket. Match I'd thank you Adrian sides and where governor. Think quietly. There's another successful ghost and and the jet engine shows congratulations. He had and I think I got out there way out all. There are ready for Roland. Star in 941.