GH part 2 09.13.16

Tuesday, September 13th


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Tracking down the people who have ghosting if you want. It's still eat else. Hi yesterday morning it is time that we all Madden Adrian. Who had a dog and has been with her ex boyfriend Brad. And again and brag it. And this. Adrian broke up and Randy got together with client. Radically air rays and any together until he added new girl. Moved out I'm player and Latin ebony with Claire I get all of that aid my image yes. So the ghost hunting that we're doing is we're calling class air on behalf Adrian to find out how ebony that dog is doing. Right and if Claire doesn't want ebony and then Adrian happily take her back and it clears taking good care of ebony and then Adrian is happy she just Johnson and that the dog. Series the only guy is doing okay and is in a happy home. Our. That we get all of this he tells right Adrian. You nailed it I almost feel like there should be a PowerPoint to go ahead. I agent we're gonna put you on hold make that phone call to cool there you'll get to listen and and in welcome back to you. Thought took. Aren't I love you Tom in this. I think enemy are. I'm learning I'm calling Lang is. I. Was he. Out. He cited for not it. I can't. Kelly cheese filling. Words cannot. I'm new to me. Ghost timing. Or. Is this Claire. Scroll or rare this is currencies from the jet engines show harried and today. Will it gain. You sound a little confused you we pay our onion and OK so you have a dog named Anthony Wright. The war okay so we're calling one we just makes an ebony is okay. But we also want to kind of do a little background on how you got ebony and kind of go from there is cool. OK so he talks to bomb. Your exes Brad acts the girl he did it right before you earnings Adrian. And they were originally living together and they act ebony did you know about I'll. Yeah a little better mean it. In the past runs. Right yeah awkward X questions nominee. But Adrian is. In that image out and he kept Albanian and ya got together and Netanyahu raised avenue after that she realized that once got broken up that you had gotten ebony. And cents and she's kind of wondered how I've been used to playing and you know she and a happy home and how much you. Love and an east L are you enjoying taking care ever. Yeah I mean a court split. We whiny. Just I would like a population. Apparently she had a very long like Y siege tracking them down at all that time. I'm going through your world. Mom was sick and it is sound like she raised the puppy with with perhaps her old a wild and then. Once they broke. Yell at together kind of quick and that was kind of weird for her. And says she is kind of an exit at the whole situation ambush if Lyndon hounded how long was how it was a puppy when you came into its life. When you're running running year old. Little puppy. They're pregnant in new puppy any links. I ate again and again added the dog really Q will they get election prior to capture it quickly but I mean. Really as a kid at the dog. I flattened out and. How is the dog theory is that god like healthy and happy and everything. Absolutely and you look at the dog you know out tile title blocks. Whatever Rick Trent and make gaming act Ed but it's also very loving cleaning. To do with me everywhere. Saw them. So you're happy with at any use you still want sake keep haven't seen as as a puppy in your house. Yes would you lenient and tried to keep it secret that the dog away else. Well I think that thinking why is because Adrian and Brad. Wright. Got the dog Lou originally together. Regardless of how old it was when you came into the picture but it was there dog and then UN bread broke up. And he. Is now living with somebody else. So maybe she just wanted to make sure that you really wanted Don. Of course I know I mean I'm the one who trained and mostly and in. So it's back it's kind of weird. And I think you said they've they've been like a minute or two ago that you are talking about we take the dog please I'm happily. Who had to land boyfriend. So I can't sit out. I'd that doesn't I guess that's again you're allowed to have a boyfriend is that Ebenezer your dad. I mean I'm notably a dog you know call it bad that yet. If you wanna call it. Yeah I've been her bombing Adrian it's more like. Originally it was like a step mom's situation kind came in and she'd just thought okay well at their take care that are together and I and whatever. But now she's kind of like oh well now the step mom left with my child and now the semi and a set that are raising it together it was all sounds kind of funny. But the grand scheme of things she just really wanted to make sure that avenue is and a happy home. And that you were really like wanting to Kate take care verso verses feeling like you're just stuck with this dog from a previous relationship. So it's good to know that you do love her and you do care router and you and you take really good care her so I'm really happy to hear about. Yeah yeah. Or. Act it's been a it's it's been great talking media. And little things there again I'm. Home. She was. Late first see clearly loves hearing from a that aren't at all. OK we are going to come right back in just a couple minutes and we will talk to Adrian Hughes is listening to the hole. Conversation and we'll gave her feedback in three minutes and the tip and changes starting before. Star in 941.