GH Calls 09.13.16

Tuesday, September 13th


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In case you haven't heard it today and look down. And no one noticed colonies on enhancing the discovery of the championship show star Nady for a one. A jet engine Sherri talk about it goes on and yes I was curry C I hope that no other hold quoted odds because alligator. Opinion and the ego thing after Jan IV. A few things. And he she's. And. I've only got one word for fantastic off thank you thank you European. And it was total accord and there's not question. And yeah and even closer route to Ernie and her dog leg. You have a dog equality he or she yet and then says I comes as little human. You know takes on all these human qualities your image becomes a family member music of the dog. It's a living. Animal uses knotted it and then she even said like I don't think of animals and let them mom and dad child kind of thing I don't call it some people don't wolf some. I think are terrible I eight hey how hitting our. I I think. That our caller making ends in there meat or Leon really yes. I she says that Adrian might piece that Canada is in where'd and yet he is using us as the vehicle. Atlanta and she gave up right currency bloc now with that live out dog he gave them Barak and Hillary. Dance in his core he can do it every wind US adopts. An odd and I and it says that. You've got Todd clay here and she was not next. That saying this and caught off guard obviously. And our public either bank and Cory beat that girl violet Colin about it dog or cat for three years she's been a new relationship and she said you're taking your sheet that she expect about everywhere. There regardless if she looked at him like that your child or not she obviously let that she likes that everywhere she says. I was sent packing an owner yeah I'm fascinated are fact that she was. If there's a big discrepancy I know Wayne layer met that. Right. Now holds that. I think that's what it could be nickel or hurt his need more wreckage teenaged says much about Bradley that brick bat like he's human lives that. What he'd been rearranged in the nation and he didn't get that a walk away yet and he bit her mom that she had just stalking that are all of easing the dog is avidly on that more and more and more and not let that. And you can did you catch that I had to Jeff what did she was snooping misused his day in and trying to fine information I think yeah. I mean I think it hit that. I think that she was a loving dog owner who found herself of circumstance. She regretted letting the dog now and could definitely tell that gap. And are ready assignment team injury industry. I'm David Marietta organization out. Act crazy. And aired yesterday trying to. Well obviously. Put a quick if you're good at like weigh that with that five year. It now about the dog. Before did you Sadat and you know I really appreciated go easy very odd. Actually a moment you ma and I. I want this I appreciate it but it didn't. All about Brad that about her heart red ink blot on the other way. I'll think about the ball at the new dot deputy shot and give yourself an Al latch onto you need to get over this guy. Tracking every girl that will last five years that he didn't and it is crazy. Everybody saying that and Kelly she's you have the compassionate girlfriends have. Within the first two glasses of wine. Maybe it's time maybe you should it and bumble. Yeah I got up 100. Why don't you come to church with me this week that you know just with them there's a there's some great single guys. It at 6 o'clock. Then highlight one bottle line later like girl. Here I'm deleting his memory now amount. We're getting all these calls I am thinking a game this girl says that seat near the dog when she's a puppy and Adrian said we'll see in the dark for two years. Two time and Brad over here X what I said originally ray Arizona. Only naming nine. And now you'd think that he was cheating on Adrian with player yet and now Adrian just once a solidified. Things that she's probably been turning her head for the past X amount ears and we just did that for her. Molly and Atlanta. Good morning. Election eager that he hadn't gotten that yet scary accident can can crazy drunk dial in the latest play. It just didn't think I. I. Eighteen laying ER. Feyerick. Has not gotten older probably what they are very hurtful out there are but it execute line and she needs you. Move on. Lions certainly never heard radio education and have access to pop a judge shot in the neck. It showed up and are the break it down. And why you changed even in like Russian stock under our car if you. She shows up in front and I was red light a leash and a box of milk bone and homemade dog three. Oh may be you basically Molly what you're saying is that. Adrian use Kelly cheese as like a text message of just spaces help him. She went under on the island. Thank you for the column Molly Wood and welcome to goes adding Kelly head yeah I did he now. And bloody minded and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.