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Tuesday, September 20th


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In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing the discovery of the championship show star and 841. Going ghost riding on the agenda and show from Britain stands. He is David. Used to work with earth out a couple times it was totally platonic. Because they worked together. And she left the company and David is wide. Now we don't have to be platonic now if I think you get a lot of Syrians out and was blown away when she did not text him back. And we just talked to Chris and while David is listening and and found out that it was ingest. A war personal gray area. She's not interested in any one of David's gender mean. He just told us that she's welcome back to share David. Yeah that's. How are you feeling hearing Matt and you know it's like. Moon. Well industry could have recorded his initial action. Yeah. While. I'm and I just on the plus side it's. Now an attraction playing every element like Adam man like you know like. I don't have that's not a competition from burning about a gas. I mean yeah. Well I'm saying like it's not like I was an unattractive man went in other men which you wouldn't just math institute out of an alternate. And had a chance to begin at such. Don't let you know it looks. Yes it's not something offensive that you and I did you personally are into that terrible bad breath. That technically the technically it's your parents' fault because there when it actually and we know if it's now my ultimate parent while. Our elected Janet idiot. Looking back on can you recall any of the means that she drops like you re callers say anything about a partner Earl Warren girlfriend's. You'd. Future I mean ago. I mean girls talked about going out their girlfriends all the time you know it's like apps that are inaccurate. And you know what's that word to mean more than one thing so I hate. And have nots. Did not please sit in that category. And I it's funny. Well and she's she was kind of private about her personal life when she was talking with a. Why aren't quite so he wasn't periodic straight critics have a girlfriend or have apartment and they lose. There was much are we looking back now I can see the paperwork and stripping her. Warsaw Poland and eight. What attracted him and you know blinders so. It. X. And call it that way like this army. Thank you so much for the call I appreciate you let this be apart of because signing and taking lasted. Think you know when you dare say I throw my ego problem stroke. I'm guessing Davidson the first ones is ever happens now. I would imagine. But it does feel kind of lonely right now. A. Tags it yeah. Thanks as I have again today that is go sending if that is something that you ought to be a part of and it doesn't have to be relationship event to be dating. Any body that you're looking for a we actually have a direct link up right now stunning 41 Atlanta dot com slash percent to yet if you wanna find childhood friend who is disappeared. If you wanna final coworker who. Maybe I am I hurting couldn't they go by anybody if you wanna find somebody that was a baby sitter of yours and you grew up who. And Greek meaning it like that you've just lost touch we've got a whole staff of private. Detectives and not really but will find them if we need him. Afghanistan to Portland Atlanta and com slash ghost hunting the jet engine start any 41. Going now before line okay Terna Nande. And yet again shown all of them now.