GH 24.2 David Hunting Kristen

Tuesday, September 20th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. Now been tracking down that people who have ghost if you want. It's. Also. We hired ghost hunting today for David he is trying to track down a Christen. They had. Working relationship co workers got to hang out platonic glee. And you thought the there was a connection there may be something flirting going on but never made the move until she now left the company. And he sent her several text messages to go out on a date and she's completely the ghosts of and so we're gonna tracked down christened today and see if he did something offensive. And the only phone number there are using to find her is the number that he had which means if she answers. It completely destroys gen steering of it being a company phone. Exit that. He's texting on it ended when her job at company ended and maybe that's why hasn't heard back from a week if we get an answer then. There's more to story. If we get all that right David. You know at that I equals we're gonna ask if there's something you did and was actually connection hair we're gonna get some answers Korea. With the president for Christians that will put on hold you'll listen in to the call and will pick up afterwards juicy which bank. Oh. A. I. You do. I. It's basic speak with Kristen. Yet apple. Its. Contention and has. They scenario doing did. God did not see today hey we are gone on behalf of oh coworker of yours who is trying to track down. And see how it. It's. Co worker named Dave. Formula company. Yeah and it regain its. Cool well he lives Atlanta where our show is an one at that track you down and Birmingham because. He really enjoyed your French ship hunting with you but. Really wanted to ask you on a day after you left the company. And he didn't want you know wanna go there when you guys worked together back. But then he won it's you and then he has been keeping from me so he was like. Yeah I know what's going on the third. And that Larry it's. Spent about a silly prank. No praying. He actually. He actually said you guys had kind of been out a few times but it was more. Platonic because you were. Co workers and he's got gas they are trying to take it to the next have bowel. Before. Let nobody. I never thought partly jet that way. That. No company and I learned that apparently networking ilk broken elbow. Site at it and think of it that way you know I ache. I would try and it to drop them and you know normally like you keep my. But all light and may get a separate. But he should know that I have a partner and I kept. Engler partner. And actually gate in. I. But yeah did not end. Like not I'm not interested in David I haven't been back. Up and he guarded Abed. Did you know. But what did you know that he was interested in you more than that way. I mean I upload diet out on the few that lands are at it that I that. Available. At extremely not available. On the solution. Is. Hey I didn't think of it let's right now so I looked at and a let our relationship by the wayside I can't believe Becky. Concert I edit the street course. Sorry I hope I have an Amir's leader and you really haven't. It's on the spoke. A bunny which you. It's just really have to spell. No. I'm I'm gonna say they're right. Nation. Guys did very. They get in fact nine dad passed. They did they didn't get that landed in my humble day. Select ads all of paying so all the words that come out of your mountain out of a matter. Oh. Yeah. I hate to be really. But I got to work at my rank and they get. Some. I don't think he did anything. Thank you for taking a congressman and that's no problem. Social. Your partner was just somebody in the company you're talking yet. RAI NIC LEM. I can't wait to talk the game in your wide. He thinks. Now about the united. But what he thought and she said and a partner. With a girlfriend or anything on those. Or it. Hindsight being funny to me all right well I talked the united thank you think's gonna restrict certain I would go and give our best everybody hammering him. I will take it by the way. I we will return to him. A very embarrassed David I'm getting. Will pick him up in three minutes here and wrap up this week's episode of goes tanning and the captains and channel re after this started before one. And young star already forewarned.