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Tuesday, September 13th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all and now. So gen we didn't know you were going to be in today because a publisher of I'm Reese's human schedules so we went ahead and recorded. A ghost timing we've Kelly she's sitting in your chair. I cannot wait to hear this disease and it's a little awkward it is it is and feels you'll hear you'll ask her head okay. So you where we're about to introduce you to. The woman who wants ago co signing and she's actually looking gen for a doll. And at Augusta there yup yup but listen to how the story unfolds okay because it involves. Her ex boyfriend. And he's an ex girlfriend. And then her new boyfriend her ex girlfriends do play and I came in others so many elements to this entry it's. It's quite it's now you and that app at. Here's a ghost town in with Kelly cheese. Adrian aria. You how are you old. I'm good I'm good this is my first goes hunting some kind of excited. Well hopefully you and I mean. My god. Yes so can you tell us about this your dog that we've never done it goes hunting bird dogs that this is kind of communal. I'm against short so look at the dog's name is and that means. Term sheet it's really neat. Additional species is mixed week little little black and medium sized dog lucky and we eat and play. Really good Dodd you know. Also what happens Avant. I am well I have been seeing her in years because I'm Sheila dog that I got a little. A guy that I think eating appetite. Arm which of the week. Did it dating the guy it was a mistake or getting the joblessness. Well I mean at this point probably both think we're a mistake but you know. Just maybe don't get an animal Simon and let you know it's gonna let you lock stock back and not your acts. Exactly. I get out. I'd like I don't care about the guy anymore the look. That five years ago that we repeating and we decided to do. Moving together and get a dog with all these big ticket and all at once and so we adopted and eat together. And we lived together for two years to me that god can you know she did a number eighty together. And then out of the little. Clearly a top I'm sorry yeah yeah. And in it I mean it was a long time. I'll buy it I couldn't afford where we were living in you know living together and it looked like I can keep the place so I ended up. Moving Powell and leading avenue and what are the best thing appetite for me and into the god and into the relationship. And so I got a pregnant. Men. Like weekly early and actually. All the sudden he's eating this new girl leaned clearer and Claire moved into that how would end. Yeah. Yeah permanent. A long time ago it's not worth wild there need to focus on that link whatever it might have been going on and you. The middle of every other woman is like playing mom to my doctor. I was gonna say the step mom came in and she's taking over your dog so did she. Manage team moved they start dating eight weeks later or. He moved her in eight weeks later. Like he moved there in eight weeks later and tank we broke up too much goes I and then all of sudden you about the other woman living in the. So year. You're gonna get this dog back so is that what you want to seduce you want us to get the dog back from him in clay there and give it to EU. We're not okay so late that story get there. And so we're together for I get it right of the low almost to Jiri. And Ed we broke. And eat and data moving in with another girl. So. Whatever he would steal his. He must be do you rate roommate yet half athletic I. Terribly different great evening to skating. So waited Heatley are on this time pirated. Other acts clearly with Anthony. So. Blair had little biscuits even more awkward. Yeah I'll look like a our job to begin with and now like. It you know attached she's not a stranger to add need anymore but I took in nearly a stringer has my dog. Ha that's in their presents an interesting dilemma. It has because what if the dog and love Claire and then you you'd get the dog back after years and she doesn't know you you know what you thought about that. Well I mean. You can't. I can't imagine like they do the popular in the lake I lied her mom. You can imagine that issue wouldn't remember all. Of the clear why it. So is that the question like are we calling Claire artists today. You will you give this kombat. The dogs totally happy and every end and has a great yard to play and maybe even as a dog. Sibling or something are you fine with Claire keeping the dog. I can't I mean like I have. At the need that interest at heart related to wanna hear how are you deleting and like find out she's okay and and he had a cute happy and doing well and the good situation that I don't I don't wanna really not herb. Diet. It later doesn't want her anymore I just wanted to know that I am like so happy to take her back in to keeper of the budding hole. You don't want her to go to another total stranger if clears then with the dog you won the dog. Absolutely and we need to make the phone call because it's awkward to college your ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend and any sort of conversation. Yeah. Especially the monster who moved in with sleeping in your bag. Eight weeks after you Wear. And year poppy if you don't mean. The whole time. I can't you just. Adrian what is your exes first name. Ran quite proud that Atlanta. I said the way this works is tomorrow and this time we will call Claire. And lay you listening to the conversation we have with Kirk in the game will come back to you and you're feedback and that phone call happens 24 hours from rate now cool. He'll be ready I thank you and we talk to you tomorrow for age and Kelly Jesus first dose signing. And the Japanese and you know starting before line. 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