Germ Hotspots

Tuesday, May 3rd


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Are making this wedge. They just enjoying shelf. Prepare to be grossed out it's generous so excited. To share this story has. Hewitt the girls you know I like to get the WebMD emails because it's like a tiny bit of self torture he's everytime I open them. Well I don't know about that and I end up reading mammoth and this is one that I got that I have to share with you. And it's all about the ten public hotspots for germs and may change your summer plans ready for this Jeffrey now can we just played imprints on since then. The number one public hot spot for Germans. Swimming. With bacteria a water park crawling with without kids. Can have 22 pounds of poop floating around. No doubt can carry as much as ten grams of leftover feces on their career ran. And then all gets washed off in the pool it adds up and chlorine does not kill all the CDC found that more than half a pools. Test positive. For E. Coli. Which you know attacking currency. More equal he. Tough putt and they figure about fine defense is trying to to swallow any water. If you want a public pulls the summary symptoms while and we haven't try to teach it not while we do different songs with. We're out what LC and and it's one of your favorite things. For you and Kelly did you. Minivans and what you and your can't say what you guys love to do it together. Ignore the yes. What's for dinner a whole bunch of germs restaurant menus. Have a hundred times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Just trying to pretend the united in this list. I tell you I will tell you that that is a huge indicator for me and how much him and enjoyment rest thanks for incidence of dirty menu. Yes it grosses me let me go and. Yet they say that you know they would they wiped on the tables after every use but they only wipe down many is that once today and I usually used to brag there's nothing. Anti bacterial that there using my down menus so they say and set a washing your hands before you sit down at a table they say. Order and then go wash your chance to act so hand menu back to your service and go wash your hands and they say never put your silverware on top of the menu. Because in your silverware as picking up and I and every antibiotic that has great point okay actually I. Have disease causing microbes. Including E. Coli and he sees. And part of the reason is is summed up our fruits. The outside of it doesn't have to be watched that there's not a health requirement is I understand it so they can just kind of company to have being keep it there at slice it and and it lasts. And if you're one of the people who squeeze the lemon into the glass and then just drop sedan and everybody who's touched that lemon is his now basically put the button your water. Hit seven going to. Now everybody is aware when you're inside a public restroom. That your serve more aware offense but they say that these so pumps are going works I I will work a public restroom like I am a circus so way professed. Kanye and elbows I might stretch and I'll now open door of my knee. Yet they say you know from the stalled to the sink there is no telling what your hands are picking up and so they say the soap dishes are these so pumps. Are the grossest. Most germ filled. And they say. Dared attempt people who actually don't use don't wash their hands after using the restrooms and be really careful that door handle. Is the only 31%. Of men wash their hands. I hit. Some men it's terrible I have. A a friend of our friend who refuses to wash his hands after he uses the bathroom. Because he is convinced that you will get more stuff on him from the sink and the soap dispensers than he will from touching his own nonsense well. So he's the one giving us all eggs here equity he had he A yeah and then. Playgrounds for kids are rarely clean they say the worst spot is the sand box and this one I never thought of money. They say ATM buttons cash and a revoke it can be an a revolving door of bank customers can be grossed the flu virus. Can actually live on a dollar bill for seventeen. Days. Since may be careful AT&T'S your pen to push the button. He never even thought of that in their dirty as place in most offices as studios VM elevator buttons. Yeah and give flora number one is the worst. Everybody everybody catches that was easier although I use my knuckle. And your wife and son. I'll usually like when you come in in the morning media. It is what it is and racial. Injustice in shells are all these are not before one.