Gangster Grandparents

Wednesday, July 19th

Did someone call the Po-Po on Papa? Jeff found a story that spurred some hilarious calls about law-breaking grandparents.


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. Yeah shell ol' ball on the cinema OGG eight he had been down without GG. Yeah. Old gangster granny I governor read this surrogate astronomer 404263094. Line. Even if we get one phone call it's going to be great. Why did your grandparents get arrested Funcinpec consists of one called. We'll make this illicit or afford to 630941. Doors pain is an notorious 86 year old jewel thief. She is taken over two million dollars worth of jewelry over the past six. Years. All right well she was at the chandelier Wal-Mart. And Monday night. And got arrested for stealing 88 dollars worth of stuff according to a police report that the CDC got. A store employee saw her putting stuff. From her shopping cart into our hand mag she's a very naughty man she. Yeah this is. No no man yeah. She got sick so bold bad while she was in the checkout line waiting to show again she moved other items from her tired. Into her purse the that. A house arrest or entered the Shanle jail and that's where they found out issues when an electric ankle minor. From the last time she got arrested at first he. I'd Doris pain 86 year old. Notorious Joey did the documentary that residents are. It's called the I think crimes of Doris pain to Netflix documentary matter seriously LA yet so we wanna hear. Both times the your grandparents. They've gotten arrested. My mom tab on a non non. Tell us about your Nutting and our. Why did you call the po po on Pol Pot isn't. 40426309. Score line. Don't be embarrassed of your family let us enjoy things. Elementary grammar and trampoline you girls were 2630 and I'm borrowing costs next. Found the magic game stick grandma. I used it. Mom mom mom why did not now. About when your grandparent got arrested Deborah Simmons about this woman who just got busted for jewelry stabbed at 8060 years old. And instead Doris change shoes arrested at the wall harnisch family for taking eighty dollars for the staff after. I spent in her lifetime. Stealing jewels there's a Netflix documentary on the alleged crimes indoors and attempt at night when they sent to jail if they choose voltage over shoplifting at the jail they kind of the cheers rang an ankle monitor from her last arrest this guy. Most against death Graham on goals a season you don't though jiji press embargo is a good thing. Why why did you call the Pope oh I'm potluck so yeah I was there what seventy we're they're family they're good grammar grandpa. Oh my dad Michael leave and come here and family anyhow it was my. I age and a mother in law actually. I land I see me actually had a habit of unhappy and by doing things that he should not doing too. And what kind she went clean out no different in Washington a and she 88. That would. Then Blaine. Bieber took try to and that I can and can't. Keep at it and I am way. And so she kept off the price I. Found another item. Cheaper price you and it's a more expensive right after the one. JC you know we needed for an interview with other stories of bad boys of bad boy oh yeah description price ice bad boys bad boys why did Derek earlier this. Six. Oh gee grandparents. Rochelle in Atlanta when he asked. This is okay so my grandpa and it got a kick out of nursing home video of his roommate. I. Grams. Look it is a millionaire and anyway. Yeah neither one of got out there. Because he's at his roommate did it take showers and he couldn't handle it and I love it some updates you claimed him off. How old was he when he when he came to blows so they would 82 viewed 882. Of the British car. Page and that little burn. My grandmother sold thousands of dollars in merchandise trend that I while I would ask her attempt. Saying hey I was eight years old. They knew. What did you say went oh gosh I don't know you know to ask you I think I secure it grainy and the Pope vote. Yes they put her in handcuffs. They gave yes and while my picture there waiting to get picked up by my grandfather. Some of the people that worked there actually when I got us I. Grace. All okay this page how old Hoosier Graham at the time for. Carolina but it. ACC and I am just curious Richard has. Oh shoot taking breaks and a hard dry and Jenny just like the really expensive stuff I can at all kinds. On any amount blah. Oh yeah Martin's Imus. Millionaire or what he got grandma or grandpa who eat out and I don't want I had today when you caller what was your grandma named for her thoroughly and that's good news. Tells that man has now announced. I shoot an unpopular Wal-Mart and it Garland gave her she died just eaten a lot of oh here can. Yeah. A little more than a hundred you know all all of my. Of all Powell can't leave she would do it. How old was she emulates. A fifty cent a new fans who was the girl had her keys. Some randomly and there is he'd decided that she couldn't I couldn't goes out to reduce our. Knows this she's gone green this drug. Yeah I guess that planet promoted drinking years you stance which she beat around with this and I got this was a slap thing. I'll act when he's brass knuckles and Fannie when last column Olivia and Alpharetta retired about grandma or grandpa. I am mom grandma great grandma who Graham. Wearing yeah when a great grandma did. Okay bill lately you know perished sixteen great. It's literally like says that kingpin like cigarettes to ten and in minutes yeah your house but every night at Creighton then why. You think you're great grandma. Switch being totally great grandma with a candy lady. Quote and Zoolander. They've always has gone from my Andy. Show Olivier and great grandma's house there is imprisoned raised migrating its. Image and adds it's like police and back. And everybody had like it was like set. They had a call from. Hey can avoid the dirty. Tabloid the daily les on the couch. He's done is up ways they can and have very. Absent a winner got gained ten of the neighborhood you know I would say don't. The all learn and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.