Forgot Your Kids

Thursday, April 21st


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He's sweet he's on installing them. It's business out of all I'm for a fourth simple one to 400. So gen we need it here OK so this is the topic are you brave enough to admit. The you forgot your kids somewhere. And I don't know if I don't know if you have a story about this gen our have you ever lost when your kids and talking about like. They get away from you at the zoo or something I'm talking about that I wondered where'd you. Home alone and you've got the car and I rely took off and took off and their like stand and had outside the gas station because they wanted to use the bathroom and. Mommy yeah gone. We got done this you are dog before her only were getting ready to go to Florida we're like okay. Kids my card check everything else the card check we'd like drive halfway down the block and like we forgot to dog Obama cheerleading electable he. Oh that's a bit of combating daughter but we wanna know if you forgot your kids is somewhere as we were talking about like the potential to. Be driving with your kids in the car ha ha and temporarily forget that they are in there won't. Good good conversation starter when we're tired about that jury selection for the Russ Harris. Trial and and we we we are talking of any polyps ten from eleven title alive who's also a apparent in I made the offhand remark that. Well you guys would never forget your kids right as you daddy Kane how do you forget your kids because that's what. He's claiming that he forgot his son is in the back seat and you guys both said that it is possible. And and and that has meant that to be a car seat situation that you did say that was possible but there are situations. Where as a parent you can be so distracted. So tired so caught up in something. You do for your child 4047419400. And I think it would be interesting to also hear from kids who may have been forgotten. Might have you forgotten as a kid those like the true humble situation I'm home I remember when I was a kid. We were playing Little League was called T shirts that was the league that level of he you know baseball we're playing OK and as we all. Got home in the got back to the neighborhood and got the ice cream that you get on the way home and all that stuff we get back in the neighborhood and there was a kid missing little and so. It was quickly determined that he was supposed to ride with us but everybody thought everybody else. He handled it so we drove back to the part and means to stand in there and like the part. All by himself all balloon. That is an engine that drives you remember our boss' story about fat. Did his wife and him were both at a baseball game and their daughter was there are like watching their son's baseball game OK and for some reason the white had to go to something else that's right and took off and he and they were like they have and she was over on the swing set planned whatever music yet I got to do both we'll meet you there later. And then just forgot that he was supposed to bring the daughters who will beat and the daughter still left the park and they went home from. Yet he said that the fastest he's ever driven back to a part in his life. Hey guys that Carly from Dallas Howard you. And yet Mario did you forget a kid are you for that where you have forgotten kid. Well now wait provides day we're all proud he abandoned in 1998 era I believe it went out that Canada and we all I guess they can drain go potty break eggs. Leon you got back in the van I get I thought grandma had. Eric in that thought I had Eric Wright did an article how to get it down like oh my god. They've got Eric. You can imagine how fast we paragraphs are all very well he actually walked out of and it right outside the door and my heart does. Even I want to go light on my I desperately don't forget our Ed. How much how much tying men who passed between you leaving the gas station and you. Getting back there. I mean literally probably not even. Kidd had been advancing a Fella TDs right they Kelly and is it arsenal. He Cali what's going on. It is grocery store. Huge hit an apparent at all. Count me off hook hook for how the boulder researcher. Com well we have only live like I admit though it's perjury store and the baby's weight yeah maybe a month old. And I got the door and I got the baby out about Aaron Carter. You're living in England. And I'd gotten torn on the wind and it where experience. Yeah how late surge Wall Street door. Got a car now plan calling it any literally crying. How far how low you can't pick how how loud was that yeah. Yeah. You didn't like that very involved law well you know let you one month old you got to forgive yourself for that I know you were not sleeping at all I'm not worried about Kelly forgiven her sounds I'm worried about the seven year old forgetting our hitters. Now we know he's. He's going to be fourteen are very eighth I don't. The last console alone. I think you got me. Manipulate. Justin Shia and Shia really keep these calls coming in some lyzard are jammed up.