Forgive us, JP?

Friday, August 18th

Jenn had to apologize to JP, and it turns out the whole team has to beg for forgiveness too. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Somebody on the show a big apology Jeff and I both just totally messed up. So we have to say we're sorry. Kim's apology and pain is worse than mine because. You're just a bad person. I just don't Melanie I just don't check my mail and my house. I you I go first. JP I'm really really sorry. Because I didn't know until 5 o'clock this morning to you and I even had a couple shower going on this weekend and tomorrow big time. I'm so sorry he's even know about it. Check the mail and hello my name's Kyle. And nobody. I feel good cherry. ICBM am and. Sorry you feel like a total is a for DB I gain a better present the heck yeah okay. It does give you months though so I mean act we could really use one of those I ninja blunders. And when and at 390 and you don't know how sorry are you gentlemen. Sorry. I just wanted to say I'm so sorry I know I. I can't recycle yeah I haven't had and how often do you open your mail. I mean high today he really never that in write him a month ago yeah. I didn't I needed REP. I'm sorry at the bottom but I just realize that week in the month anyway yeah me so nobody in this room Jeff Jane Kelly and G are coming now Honda. I totally Brad are his TV I don't my fridge so. I'll take a picture of it but it's like New Zealand by so. You didn't RS EP. Did you. Yeah this hour they're denying and told him. This is my big apology. Because here's what happened in my house. The mail came right a year ago in the now and there's say things to accomplish our. And we have we were doing the whole thing this week and we have people coming to South Carolina so. We can't count and Jane are in Jan and Kelly and his idea that. Otherwise. Otherwise Kelly says hey do you want me dead today analysts find it cool gift of the registry whatever and I don't know I can do that's. Friends with them. It was just one of those things that are. Feel like I I handled I had it took it printout my desk. In the game last week come down handle isn't a good thing and went that. Looked at the stuff under registry in monochrome by the way the armed. Target website is the same as the target store because when she certainly can Stephanie out all I can what is that. Well that's a quote saying he registered for a moment what else I don't level of that hagel. Back on the list are the whole bit and I'd come back around. And I find. You know some cold registry gets boring in order gets average here. Outs against that's neat. After the impact. And you dinars you Tino you want to cut and and I didn't know until this morning the year's first RSVP. So on behalf of Kelly she's so Ruud who just ignored the RS EPA I'm just so I literally looks at an invitation plus I am so sorry. And you need a true. Who's never learned manners again. I'm still mad at this kind of a I don't get it I Sonos at RCQ like as soon as they opened and then as equal to the summit return number. Announcers like artwork in my house since. Late in the south there's going to be some celebrities there is Khamese shafts and canceled. I don't know there's going to be bouncing there there's going to be a velvet robes can be kind of hard to get in now on. They aren't happy today. Only. All doesn't really it's going to be there means kind of saying we're friends that you guys connect he had Jimmy standing etc. texting me pictures hemming and convert interest and. Yeah. At Ted's gonna show love with a one of those ninja blenders. Taylor from the fish is common with Jesus and this they're tied those because amazes. Currency dealings. Cadillac Jack Faith Hill and Tim McGraw all the drama and we're just sitting outside the. I Jesse. Aren't you accept our apologies were salary in general do you have bigger test on behalf of all of us. As the season here on BR I GE it's only Latvia and yeah. Kind of friends. Batted and again it. These and it adults thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before one and.